2017, Chapter 8

I'm going to come into this with my hands up and admit that time and laziness ran away with me over the last few weeks. This post has been partially written for nearly a month and I just haven't got around to it. Laziness might have been a harsh word to use, it feels more like I needed a proper break from everything digital. As a result this space has suffered, my instagram has suffered and quite frankly I couldn't be less sorry if I tried. Sometimes life is too important to fret over forcing yourself to be consistent.  

Every month I come to do these catch ups and I can't quite believe how quickly they have come around. 2017 is picking up some real pace and before we know it Christmas be knocking on our doors.  

When I sit down to do these posts I have a set process to help make sure I remember everything. First of all, I go through my phone and camera to see what moments I've captured but forgotten about. Then I write a list based on those photos, the contents of my diary (the organiser kind – not the journal kind), what I can actually remember and what Mr M reminds me of. I've mentioned before about the way that I can't retain memories too well and how I use these catch-up posts more to help myself document the life that I live but forget. It can feel a little like I'm standing in fog most of the time, trying to catch sight of the view knowing full well that it's there but never quite being able to push past the veil. July very much felt like a foggy month to me.  

Coming out into August was always going to be like dazzling sunshine. It is only now that I sit and look at my list that I realise how amazing and busy, yet surprisingly relaxing, last month was. It's been one of hard work, food, new experiences and travel plans (naturally).  

August is always our big month at work. Half of the year goes into planning it so it was always going to be a super busy one for me, and despite everything I said earlier in the year about learning not to work too much, I have taken on some more work alongside my day job. So, the last few weeks have involved a lot of hard work and being busy. However, I do seem to be learning something because I have been keeping my social life busy too.  

Bookended by bloggers events, this month has seen me attend a brunch with old acquaintances and new friends, a launch event for a very exciting independent business and has also seen me gain a new friendship.  

One of the things that appealed to me about blogging was the opportunity it brought to forge new friendships. After four years in the blogging game in which I had met a lot of people but never made a solid friendship I was starting to believe that making friends through blogging was all a giant myth.  But at the start of August that all changed when I met the wonderful, fabulous, equally stripe obsessed, Vanessa. We met, we went for coffee - which quickly turned into a 4 hour shopping trip - and cemented our friendship over our joint obsessions for stationery, stripes, and scarves amongst a thousand other things.  

I can't tell you how amazing it is to have met someone I get on with so well, a week has yet to go by where we haven't been in touch with each and that kind of friendship is always the best kind. As cliche as it sounds we have just clicked and I'm so grateful that Vanessa took a chance on me. There's faith in humanity yet!

 August didn't stop there with its gifts. The month brought me the ability to balance being busy with living and with that came slow Sunday's, an actual sunny bank holiday weekend and amazing food, including a local independent burger place (which I aim to write up on at some point....). 

The travel chat this month resulted in us booking another break (hands up who isn't surprised). So early next year we are Norway bound! It seems as though Scandic is our thing at the minute. The month also brought some angry realisations which I have spent some time mulling and getting over, as well boring adulting tasks like meeting with financial advisors – which sounds a lot more grown-up than it felt! 

As August drew to a close the last of the good weather seemed to be clinging on and there felt like there was a hint of promise in the air. Bringing the month to a close with a commitment to some more freelancing and a holiday dawning over the horizon, it really feels as though everything is coming together.  

If August was a colour it would be a deep plum-like purple.  


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