Finder Keepers: The Little White dress

Well, it’s been a while since I did a Style post! A year to be precise. 

(Please excuse the fringe throughout - it was windy and it kept separating leaving me with early nineties mum hair for most of these photos. The joy.)

Style posts are a love hate situation for me. They require a good amount of investment in the style for me to be brave enough to post. My style on a day to day basis isn't entirely a “style” much more of a throw on whatever is comfy kind of situation - usually a jumper of some kind. Add onto that the concerns around body confidence and superficiality and you have yourself a recipe of style post avoidance. But here I am, just a short year on from my last one! 

I think feeling comfortable writing about style and wearing the style in the first place tends to go hand in hand. Whenever I sit down to write one of these I stumble over what to say, and how to say whatever I decide on. 

Clothes are such a massive part of a person's identity that if you're not confident with it, it can wind up making you feel a little vulnerable to write about it. So, I guess that's where I'm at it with it. 

This Finders Keepers dress I fell in love with the moment my jumper clad eyes saw it. A T K Maxx purchase (you can find similar here or this one is divine!), it is every level of boundary pushing I could attempt. The white, the low cut, the asymmetrical and the lack of length at the back. In the interest of honesty, I think the skirt at the back goes a little short but the rest of it I love.  

It's a good mix between fun and classic, which paired with some cheeky red heels makes it a perfect date night outfit. It also makes a great show-off-my-tan (and also highlighting tan lines) outfit, which may or may not be why I wore it... 

I love this dress, I did from the moment I saw it on the hanger, it ticks my dress-for-the-style-you-want box whilst also pushing my comfort zone out a little. It took a little while to adjust to something as bold as this but I could not skip mentioning it on here, it more than deserves a space in my digital memory box because it made me feel fierce, in a tiny baby tiger kind of way.


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