2017, Chapter 6

Sometimes in life, we need to remember that things can change in a split second – both for the worse and for the better. June has seen me acting like our questionable leader and undertaking some huge u-turns. That may or not be because for half of June I have been sat, with my feet up, sipping rosé and reading books under the 35°C heat of Cuba.

The month of travel arrived AND IT WAS AWESOME.

I'm not going to go too much into Cuba now (because I want to write up some big juicy posts on the gorgeous place) but I will say that it was the perfect mix of culture and relaxation. There's something about cruising down an empty road in an 1957 Chevrolet passing fields of banana plants and brightly coloured houses that is good for the soul.

For two glorious weeks Mr M and I recharged our batteries and pieced back together our mushy brains to return to Britain as functioning humans again, well nearly human. To make everything even better we arrived back just as Britain's fabulous heatwave started.

I know most out there hate the heat but I can't help but love it. There is no better feeling than that of the sun shining on your skin, warming you through to your bones.

Coming back after a holiday always proposes a potential risk when it comes to settle back into reality. You either struggle to get back in your groove in much the same way that you struggle to put your sore feet back into painful shoes, or you slot straight back in feeling all refreshed (and a little bit smug). This time, for the first time, I was the latter.

It's an odd, but very welcome feeling!


Bit windy ^

Of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't hop straight back into too much so I obviously had to take on some extra work with a super tight deadline over the first few days I was back at work. Adding this to the colossal week we had at work as my first week back (if TEF means anything to you then you'll understand what I mean), I am feeling like a very tired explorer. Tired but very happy. Life is feeling pretty good right now. I've waited a long time to be able to write that.

(I'm going to write it again)

Life is feeling pretty good right now.

Right now life is about enjoying the moment, taking stock of what I'm grateful for every day, putting more work into blogging and planning the next holiday. We're thinking Finland. Or Italy (Cinque Terre to be precise), or maybe Croatia? Or Costa Rica? Or Canada...? Or Sri Lanka. Or New Zealand.....Maybe we should stop looking on holiday sites.....

Anyone got any recommendations?


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