Welcome to 2017

Hello, you lovely bunch of coconuts! 

I hope you've all had a brilliant Christmas and, most importantly, a good break. I'm sad that Christmas is over. I always am, but this year I am feeling unusually ready to take on a fresh year. I'm not usually one for putting too much store by the turn of a year but there is a general feeling in the air of readiness to put 2016 to bed. 2016 hasn’t been a bad year for me personally and I’m not desperate for it to end like I know so many people are. But the prospect of a fresh start is appealing. 

There have been a few little wobbles here and there throughout 2016, certainly, it hasn’t been smooth riding in my job and I have found myself wrapped up in little thoughts for portions of the year, but ultimately – looking at the bigger picture – 2016 has just been. 

It has been our year of travel and falling in love with travel. 2016 saw us visit Scarborough, Plymouth, London, Paris, Budapest and end with a beautiful week in Cornwall. It has also seen us learn what we want from travelling, it has seen us book a very big, exciting adventure for 2017 and start making more holiday plans for the end of the year. 

It has been a year of sorting out boring, adulty essentials. We have finally got the majority of the house decorated after having central heating put in (hello boring adult life stuff, goodbye fun bank account). Made bearable only by being punctuated with our travels. 

It has been a year of big decisions for me. I have embarked on a new journey - one that I'm not quite ready to talk about yet - that is nerve-wracking and exciting in equal measures (actually feeling more nerve-wracking than exciting right now, which is why I am not ready to reveal all on it yet). 

Naturally, like I imagine many of you have been, I've spent the last few weeks musing over the year figuring out lessons learnt and trying to remember the little moments that stitch together your memories. Unfortunately, there I am failing. Partially because my memory is terrible but also because it's been such a disjointed year of those damn little thoughts. 

I'm not a big fan of setting resolutions, and I'm even less of a fan of telling people to "make this your year"; it adds too much pressure to our already bulgingly busy lives. The only thing I say is strive for happiness, both short and long term. Sometimes you need to go through a bit of pain to get to the happiness but other times you need to sod the long term and focus on the very moment you are in. I'll be entering 2017 with a reserved optimism; I have learnt the hard way that throwing myself into it with my arms waving in the air and the excitement of a child in a toy store doesn't necessarily set you up for success. Baby steps and little goals will be the theme of this year. 

I plan to surround myself with books, writing, photographs and happy memory making this year after welcoming in the new year with a glass of bubbles and a night of reminiscing. 

For now, I will sign off and say to you, from my little family to yours, have a very happy new year, may it be prosperous, joyous and filled with every bit of happiness you deserve - and, darling, you deserve every bit. May your NYE be a good one, don't drink too much but, equally as important, don't drink too little!

Happy New Year everyone! 


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