Stripes and Monochrome

Isn't this weather just divine?

I don't want to sound presumptious but it feels like we're lining up to have a pretty special summer here in Blighty - something that the majority of us feels hasn't happened in a few years. Here's to a summer packed with al fresco dining, dipping toes in the eternally cold British sea waters and cones of ice cream!

Here's also to new dresses.

A few weeks ago I went on a rare shopping trip in search of a dress for a wedding, and whilst carting armfuls of potential guest dresses around I came across this beauty.

It was love at first sight. And if you know me or follow me on Instagram (if you don't you can find me here!) you'll understand why.

I have a problem. An addiction if you will. Two. Really. I am addicted to stripes and monochrome. Honestly my wardrobe looks like a Mondrian painting, minus the colour. And in the interest of full disclosure this dress is pretty much the dress version of this skirt, minus the pockets.

But, hey, stick to what you know, right?

The dress was a Warehouse find and it is incredibly comfortable. There is a slight issue for me in the bust area in that the ladies get a little squished down. But for someone who has battled with their bossoms for the entirety of ownership this isn't something I mind too much (to be completly honest and borderline TMI I quite like them to be plastered down it keeps them firmly in control and out of the way).

It's not the most bargain-us item I've ever bought but buying it on a discount weekend helped with that (I swear I'm yet to buy anything for its full RRP since graduating from my teens and becoming a tight homeowner - just call me Macklemore).

In attempt to bring some small element of colour into the outfit I paired the dress up with my LYDC bag for its first outing, like an outfit buddy if you will.

This bag has travelled with me to Paris and back, and I have to say it is one of the most practical bags I have ever owned, without it being incredibly school bag-ish. It fits my camera into it, along with my overly large purse (which is usually empty I should add) and everything else you need while out and about.

Together I think they make a great team and have firmly secured a place in my regular summer kicks 'drobe.


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