Paris in the Spring

It's official; I'm addicted to Paris.

During our first visit in September I fell head over heels in love for the city despite the rain. Determined to see the city in it's full glory Mr M decided we needed to go again, so just six months later I found myself riding the metro out of the airport out into the Paris streets.

We figured that Paris in the Spring would be beautiful, romantic and dry. Do you know what?

It rained.

Luckily Paris is divine whatever the weather, and we did have a couple of dry days.

Taking advantage of the dry we ventured up the Montparnasse tower for a view across the city. Usually 12 Euros it's a great place to get a view of the city with the Eiffel tower in it. We flew up the 56 floors in the worlds fastest lift to find that dry it may be....clear it was not.

You could just make out the Eiffel....

...and Napoleane's resting place Église du Dôme.....

....if you looked really closely you could see the Notre Dame......

....and if you squint, really squint, you could just about make out the Luxemburg Gardens.....

We waited for an hour or so before giving up on the fog clearing.

Determined to fill every moment with a little French influence we picked up so baguettes and headed to the Effiel tower for a picnic in it's shadow.

With the spring blossom out and the skies glowing with blue it's really hard to resist getting the camera out.


So hard that I figured if you can't beat them just join them.

Spot the blogger ^

One of the greatest luxury's in life is to take your time exploring a city. Venturing slowly through the streets of Paris and finding yourself in the hotspots of the city is one of the biggest pleasures.

Absorbing the city and spending hours shutterbugging your way through the streets of Paris is exhausting and hungry work so we headed back to the 6th Arr., picked up a little snack and put our feet up in the Luxemburg Gardens.

The gardens were blossoming in their full glory, bringing colour and life to the city. There's something so satisfying about finding the quiet little spots in a big bustling city and these gardens are definitely a haven away from the noise and bustle.

We ventured around the gardens and the streets around them soaking up the spring warmth and the Parisian atmosphere.

Jacket and Trousers from Newlife | Scarf was a gift similar here | Bag from LYDC (obscenely tardis-like) | Sketchers from Schuh (the MOST comfortable shoes I own)

It's true what everyone says about the architecture in the city, it is entirely captivating and so incredibly beautiful.

I mean, I don't usually go around taking pictures of doors.....

One of the absolute must visits when the sun is shining in Paris is the Notre Dame. Sitting on the banks of the Seine it's almost understated in it's glory. You sort of expect it to to be an almost overbearing structure but it really isn't.

It sits welcoming visitors of every kind....

...making it the perfect place to make new friends...


We meandered a little more before realising that it had been far too long since we had eaten and headed in search of food. Again.

But more on that later.


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