7 Food Experiences in Paris

One of the many things Paris is famed for is how expensive it can be. Eating out is absolutely no exception. When we visited the city for the first time we expected it to be pricey but thought we'd be able to find the odd place that offered good food for a decent price. It wasn't until we read a menu pricing not even a full pint of Guinness at 13 euros that we realised how pricey it was going to be.

Food wise our first trip was a real let down. We didn't find the quaint little restaurants we hoped for, we didn't find any artisan deli's, and the service the French are famed for was no where to be seen.

We got caught in ever tourist trap know to man despite hours of research. We paid through the odds for poor food and worse service, or paying reasonable prices and getting incredibly poor food. After one particular meal during which we were served a steak at such a speed that it very nearly came off the plate.


This time around though we hit on a gold mine of places to eat. Service that you're more than happy to tip for and food so eye rolling-ly good it kept you going back for more.

Here's my list of amazing places to eat that won't break the bank in Paris:

1. Frogburger

At the very top of the list, in pride of place, sits one of my favourite discoveries of the trip. The fabulous name aside this is the place to fulfil the burger trend in Paris. Whilst a good Ferdi or Beef Club burger is never a bad plan, they're not ones for anyone travelling on a budget. Frogburger covers the burger joint trend with fantastic burgers and doesn't break the bank. If you go have the BBQ burger - it is divine and perfectly filthy!

You can find Frog burger in St Michel, 18 Rue Saint-Séverin (6th Arr.).

2. La Petite Hostellerie

If you're going to visit the St Michel lanes this is the place to visit. We stopped here on the first night looking for a quick bite. Seeing the outside plastered in "3 courses for 14 Euro" signs it can be easy to be put of - but don't be. This tiny little restaurant is a real rough diamond. Behind the neon lights is a classically Parisian place that boasts eclectic décor and probably one of the best steaks in the city. Cooked to perfection in the most modest way the food here is as French as it gets; full of flavour and attitude. I had beef bourguignon and it was the best I have ever had, in the city or out of it. The understated nature of this place just adds to it's charm and the service - while not silver service - is warm, friendly and everything you need to compliment a big bowl of French comfort food.

La Petite Hostellerie can be found at 35 Rue de la Harpe, 75005 (6th Arr.)

3. Rim Cafe




We stopped here for a quick bite following a full day of food (when in Paris and all that!). Sharing a salami pizza between the two of us we weren't expecting too much more than your standard pizza. While we waited we whiled away the time watching the chefs knock up the pizzas fresh and by hand to order. When the pizza arrived we were ready to dive straight in but after the first bite there was nothing to do but eye roll our way through the first slice. Fresh, light and perfectly cooked just like the Italian's would make them, The creamy cheese with the soft base could have convinced you that you were it Italy - if it weren't for all of the French accents.

You can grab a slice of the Rim Cafe at 38 Rue Saint-Séverin, 75005 (6th Arr.)

4. Saint Germain Market



Perhaps not just the market but the surrounding area as well, is very much worth a visit. Wandering through the rainy streets to have a nose around the market we passed window after window of glittering goodies. A mix of up market style stores to green grocers spilling out onto the streets the area around the market is a real foodie area and hosts some very promising cafes and restaurants.

If you're planning a foodie day around the area head to the Mabillon metro stop in the 6th Arr. and just wander.

5. Fondue and Frogs Legs

This is not a specific place to go but more of a specific thing to try. The French are famed for some of there more....unusual....dishes, and you can't visit Paris without giving at least one a try. By this point in our trip I had tried enough French dishes to have become brave so insisted we have a night of trying new things. Starting with frogs legs. Most people insist these taste like chicken, and I could taste their point, however I would say that it's chicken with a hint of fish. I wasn't a fan but Mr M didn't mind them at all.

We then moved onto Fundue! A giant vat of molten cheese with chunks of dunkable breads, pickles and meat, what's not to like? I could have eaten on of these to myself.

6. Amorino Gelato

I have mentioned this place before but it's so good I had to mention it again. This gelato chain is almost convincing as an little independent place with a good niche. The ridiculous amounts of flavours lends itself to what has to be thousands of flavour combinations and is just the ticket when it's pouring it down with rain.

These are dotted around the city but head to to the Notre Dame, absorb the culture then absorb the gelato at 16 Rue de la Huchette, 75005.

7. Afternoon Tea at Laduree


Another one that I've already mentioned but, again, it's too good to pass by without mentioning. Nothing beats Afternoon Tea at Laduree, especially when it's raining and you have a giant pile of rose cream sat waiting for you.

Head to 21 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 for the full Parisian afternoon tea experience.


  1. That hot chocolate being served at afternoon tea is the sort of thing my dreams are made of!
    We have a tradition of every time we ski in France, we simply must finish the trip with a huge meat and cheese fondue - Honestly, I've never had a bad fondue and I always find room for dessert after :)
    Frogburger looks fabulous too - Darn, I just need to go to Paris right now :) x


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