A vist to the Newlife Superstore

Spring has finally sprung! 

After a winter that felt a though it could rival the length of those in Game of Thrones we have sunshine! Glorious, warm, golden sunshine, and just in time for the first day of spring too. Mother nature nailed it this year. 

Nothing beats a lazy Sunday morning lie in like a stroll in the first heat of spring, so I grabbed my new jacket, the mister and the dog and we went for a stroll. 

A few weeks ago we found ourselves in Birmingham. We'd been bought  Murder Mystery dinner for Christmas with a hotel stay, so knew we'd be in the area for a visit to the Newlife Superstore.

I've mentioned the superstore on here before and I can say with great confidence that my love for the place has not wavered.

Everyone loves a bargain and with every visit there is a bargain to be had. I know there may be some people that still need convincing about the wonder that is this place so I though I'd share with you what I think may well be the best bargain I have scored, and what better way than in the full glory of the spring sun shine?

There's something so sweet about the first sun of spring. It has an anticipation to it that is unrivalled. The promise of summer, of days enjoyed in the fresh air surrounded by bird song and the scent of flowers. It really is glorious. 

Almost as glorious as the first day of spring is that this entire outfit (apart from the shoes which are a Superdry steal from T K Maxx) comes from my most recent visit to the store and costs a grand total of £58. The star of the show is the jacket.

Super soft, real leather, Ted Baker, £49.99.

These jackets usually retail at £200+. Total steal.

I'm a sucker for a good leather jacket. Their versatility never fails me.

This particular jacket is incredibly comfortable and not at all restrictive in the arm area, which I find a lot of leather jackets can be.

I'm also a sucker for Ted Baker. Their prints are so beautiful and eye catching. And this jacket is lined with one of their flawless signature prints so it's pretty on the inside too.

This jacket is by far and away the best thing I have ever bought from Newlife and it has already been well used.

I have also fallen helplessly, haplessly in love with these jeans. High waisted to pull you in all the right places, and to give you a lift where you need it. I have only worn them once and they have already shot straight up into my top 3. I suspect they may come in handy in case of food baby - a regular concern of mine. They are incredibly comfy, flattering and only £2.99.

If you haven't made it to Newlife Superstore, and you're local, I implore you to pay a visit. Take your best foraging buddy, an open mind and get stuck in. It's worth it just for the cause alone.

Plus there's no better excuse for a wardrobe refresh than the arrival of spring.....it's enough to put a real spring in your step.


  1. I LOVE the last photo of you jumping for joy at the end! :) Alice xx


    1. Thank you! It only took two takes to nail ;-P

      B x


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