Great British Food Awards 2016 - Best Food Blog Nominee

I have some pretty exciting news.

The Explorer, this little blog, has been nominated for an award. The "Best Food Blog" category.

For most I'm pretty certain that this is no great deal, it's just a little award with a small accolade but to me this is the most - well nearly the most - exciting thing that has come from my blog. I've never been nominated for an award before so it feels pretty good, like a little pat on the back for everything that I put into this space.

It's a vote based award so if you think The Explorer's worth a vote pop over to the voting page.

Seeing as I'm so over the moon with this whole thing I thought it would be the perfect excuse to go through my archives and pick out some of my favourite food experiences so far;

  1. The Prestat Kitchen Tour

    The invite to pay the kitchen of Prestat chocolate a visit came after I reviewed their Dark Chocolate and Raspberry bar. It is without a doubt my favourite food moment of The Explorer so far. From the knowledge of our guide to leaving feeling as though we were permeated with the smell of chocolate this tour was an amazing insight into the inner workings of a fairly small British brand. Plus there was chocolate tasting at every turn. Which is always ideal.

  2. The Bakewell Baking Festival

    Britain's first ever baking festival right on my doorstep. Need I say more? Whilst the event itself was fantastic fun what followed this post is what has put it second on my list. I now work closely with the festival and the team behind it. It has given me so many opportunities and experiences that I can't quite believe that I've been lucky enough to have. If you're a baking fan you should definitely pay this festival a visit (shameless plug!)

  3. Eating Out in Lindos

    Food for me is an every changing beast and one that, no matter what your mood, can be enjoyed. When we went to Lindos last June we visited plenty of amazing restaurants but by far and away my favourite place we ate was on the beach of St Paul's. We grabbed a pizza and sat eating it on the edge of the quiet, secluded beach while the sun set behind the island. By no means Cordon Bleu but definitely a beautiful meal.

  4. Chocoholics Weekend at Three Ways House

    This is killing me. Honestly. I am never giving chocolate up for Lent again.

    The Chocoholic's Weekend in the Cotswolds was simply amazing. There is no better way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary - you heard it hear first. Having chocolate from dawn until dusk, and a little bit after, everyday is the best way to do a weekend. And, honestly, never have I had a better dessert than the ones they do at Three Ways.

  5. Mint Cake Club

    I was, and still am, so proud of this cake! It took a full day in the kitchen, mountains of buttercream and a little too much chocolate to make but it was worth it all. My first real layer cake and possible my favourite one to make.

    Actually might make this cake this know, to celebrate Easter.

  6. Lemon and Honey Cake

    This cake makes it onto the list purely for it's Pinterest success! I posted it online with a cheeky "Cold Curing" tag line and for a few weeks it sat there, getting views but nothing out of the ordinary then one day someone pinned it onto their Pinterest board and that was it, it was off. I loved making (and eating) this cake purely because it's one of my incredibly rare chocolate-less recipes. I should do more of those...

  7. Patisserie's in Paris

    This may be more about the location than the food, but Pattiseries in Paris are truly immense. Works of art if you will. I have never felt more like a child in a sweet shop than I did staring at these creations through the window. In fact I feel excited looking at them now. Jeez.

  8. Simple St Honoré

    These are firmly on the list because they are so easy to make. Pastry - good. Cream - good. Chocolate - good. What's not to love, really? Plus it's so nice to know you can bake "complex" bakes. 
One of the things I like to focus on through The Explorer is celebrating the independent, home grown producers. Supporting British business' is a subject close to my heart and I'm glad it's inadvertently reflected in this list.

I am having so much fun with this blog and everything that comes with it. It's pushing my boundaries, it's showing me that actually I am kind of ok at something and it is good fun. I can't wait to see what other adventures, foodie or otherwise, come my way. Being nominated for an award has made my year, I really never thought The Explorer would last past a few months so to be here two years on, a proud blogger with plans to grow the blog more is the best feeling in the world. I'm so proud of my blog.

So, I'm just going to leave this here - -> Link to vote for Best Food Blog < - - you know, just in case you wanted it......


  1. Wow that's amazing, you should be super excited, what a wonderful thing to be nominated for! Fingers crossed!! Alice xx

  2. Great work Becki! Good Luck! Will be voting for you :-)


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