Christmas Biscuits

It's officially the start of Christmas! Well, technically it was the start on Tuesday but I was rather too occupied with decorating the house to mention.

I absolutely love Christmas and I'm not ashamed to say that I pretty much live for it. There are too many reasons why I love this time of year to go into, but needless to say the food, Christmas lights and songs certainly go a long way to helping. I'm a sucker for the traditional reminiscing that comes with this time of year.

In fact I'm a sucker for traditions full stop. Over the last few years Mr M and I have been starting our own, shedding some from our childhood, but grasping on tight to the ones we haven't got the heart to say goodbye to yet.

One of our new traditions seems to have happened accidentally and goes a little like this:

Mr M: What are you baking for Christmas this year?
Me: *Looks at calendar and sees it's still September* I hadn't really thought of it yet. Any requests?
Mr M: Christmas cake. Oh, and those biscuits you do.

And so it seems that these Christmas biscuits are a tradition. Which I can get on board with.

These contain no Christmas flavours apart from a little chocolate, so they are the perfect alternative for anyone that doesn't like cinnamon or ginger.

They are remarkably easy to make, the only difficulty is in the decorating which is as difficult as you want to be. You can get the recipe here.

What's even better is that these last for a few weeks so you can make them in advance of the big day, or for Christmas Eve....Santa will just love them!


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