The Chatsworth Christmas Market

Last weekend saw Mr M and I celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. Two whole years! It honestly doesn’t feel like two years….more like ten. Just kidding. It has seriously flown by though.

In order to celebrate our anniversary this year we thought about going away, maybe doing a city break, but we decided against the idea and opted for a much quieter celebration than last year. No less full of food however.

After much deliberation on what we would do we decided to go back to where it all began and headed up to the Chatsworth estate. Over the last two weeks Chatsworth house has been hosting a Christmas market so we really didn't need much more of an excuse.

The market itself sits outside the house and gardens, lining the entrances gloriously with Christmas lights and stalls. There was a bit of everything there from fudge to hand whittled wooden gifts, and of course a few Christmas stalls. 


The air was filled with the scents of Mulled wines and roasting chestnuts, and the sounds of a mobile brass band playing Christmas songs.

Taking to the stalls with our heads full of the smells and sounds of Christmas we threw ourselves into the Christmas spirit. 

How gorgeous are these baskets? 


We mosied around the stalls a few time, stopping for a particularly long time at the Villager Jim photography stand (if you haven’t already checked out his work you absolutely must!) before deciding that samples of cheese weren’t cutting it and our stomachs needed substance. In the name of celebration - and because it was freezing - we headed up to the precinct to grab a bite in the cafe restaurant. It was nice to take a minute to paws after the bustle of the market. 

The Christmas market at Chatsworth is one of the best I've been to. It's a good size, well organised and has plenty of Christmas going on! There are shuttle buses up to the farm shop too just in case you didn't get enough food. This weekend is the last weekend for the market so if you're thinking about going; get on it! It's free to enter but you'll have to pay £10 to park (£5 if you go tomorrow). 

Let me know if you go! 


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