An Autumn Picnic

One of the lessons life has taught me in my short twenty-something years is to grasp every opportunity you can to squeeze the most out of the Great British has also taught me that just because it's Autumn it doesn't mean you can't have a picnic.

Britain is currently experiencing the warmest November it has ever had - according to the news - and October wasn't remotely cold either. Just before the rain came we had a glorious weekend that I thought was set to be the last one we would get in while. So with a scarf and a new dress that's perfect for Autumn/Winter (which I am in love with) to fight off any slight chill in the air, I packed up a picnic in a haze of last minute panic, grabbed the Mr and the pooch for one last hurrah in the sun.

Things to do in Autumn can be hard to come by in the Peaks when the weather isn't great. Around here you have to learn to accept the weather and as long as it's not raining a picnic is perfect. Even if it is last minute.

One thing that is vital when panic picnic packing (say that three time really fast) is to ensure all the essentials are packed; sweet treats, cheese and crackers, and of course a small bottle of bubbles. I have been saving this bottle just for an event like this.

We whiled away time with the perfect balance of nibbling and sipping, watching the puppy playing in the grass.....

and generally admiring what a handsome chap he is.......

.....he's such a poser. 

With our fill of puppy admiration, weather appreciation and enough in our stomachs to hold of the hunger for a few hours we thought we'd fight off the exhaustion of such a stressful lunch with a walk.

We knew the area fairly well so settled on wandering through the fields. Before long we heard the sound of the river Derwent idly meandering by so we took a wander down to come face to face with a pub. 

With no bridge close by we opted to turn back the way we came and carry on exploring the fields. Puppy Explorer was very intrigued by what was on the other side of the wall. However his nosiness was hindered by his really rather little legs.  

I was happy to report that behind there wall there was nothing but a small church and more fields - certainly no cats for him to chase. 

For an unplanned picnic it was just what the doctor ordered. I am ready for winter now though, so Mother nature if you're ready hit me with the cold! 


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