Top 5 Food Blog you should be following

Reading food blogs is one of my many guilty pleasures. Little makes me happier than eating food but this comes as a close second. Who doesn't love staring at gorgeous pictures of food?! 

Sometimes I feel as though through the sheer volume of blogs out there it's impossible to dig through and find ones you love, I mean 'head over heels, never get bored of them' love. So I thought I'd put together a list of the top 5 food bloggers I think are worth a big fat follow, y'know, just in case it helps you. 

In no particular order:

Patisserie Makes Perfect

This is the brain child of Angela, and it is without a doubt my favourite blog to drool over. Focusing on Patisserie Angela uses this blog as a way to document her journey through learning how to create beautiful bakes after a college course she signed up to failed to run. 

Crazy talented and with an eye for perfection Angela really appeals to my inner perfectionist with her blog. 

And with shots like this can you blame me?:

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The Bearded Bakery

Mike is the man behind the beard behind The Bearded Bakery. A keen baker and jealously enhancer Mike always seems to be in the kitchen. His blog is a mash up of life, music and food, and it's just brilliant. Having been enticed to it by his photos of Scotland I quickly got sidetracked by his bakes. 

His bakes are more rustic and he's not afraid to admit when something goes a bit Pete Tong - which is quite refreshing. If down to earth baking is your thing then this is definitely the blog for you. If it's not then check it out just because of this Mac n Cheese Pizza Pie

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Cate in the Kitchen

Cate is my ultimate inspiration for food; she lives, breathes and, of course, eats it. Her passion for food shines from the computer screens like beacons and it makes me want to jump in the kitchen, which helps for motivation!

This is probably my favourite blog for none sweet/baked/dessert recipes. She keeps it real with her ingredients and cooks by season which makes me happy.

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Adventures in Cooking

This blog is from across the pond. Eva of Adventures in Cooking has the most beautiful blog I have the pleasure of reading. It is the epitome of stylish, rustic, honest food. The talent she has for photography has me hooked as do the tales of her adventures in Secret Suppers. 

It's such a beautiful blog with some truly amazing recipes.....definitely one to visit! 

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La Receta de la Felicidad

Directly translating to The Recipe for Happiness this blog is another off shore one. Written in Spanish (don't worry, you can opt for it to be in English in the top right corner) by Sandee it is a sight for sore or hungry eyes.

I first fell over this blog on Pinterest and it's not hard to see why. Every single image is Pinterest worthy and the recipes are oh so simple. The simple creativity behind this blog is what impresses me the most....even her most complicated creations she breaks down to make them do-able at home.

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So there it is. Hungry yet?

Let me know if you have any must follow food blogs!


  1. Thank you so much for including my blog here Becki. I really appreciate it and I'm so glad you enjoy the things I'm making. x


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