Fresh Basil, Belper

Brunching is something that until recently I never understood. Why would you want to merge two meal times into one?! I don’t want to wait for the Br part and have an unch that early.

But all that has changed, for one reason and on reason only: I have found a perfect brunching spot.

Fresh Basil in Belper is famed for its fantastic breakfasts. It has won awards. 

We had originally started visiting as a lunch spot but as Mr M’s need for a full English grew we seemingly started going earlier and earlier. Then we experienced one of those elusive but sweet “everything seems to work” days, and everything clicked.

We woke up to glorious sunshine at the perfect time with nothing on the agenda, we grabbed the pooch and were Fresh Basil bound. We arrived,  took up the only empty seat outside and spent the entire morning chatting, eating, and meeting passerbys.

This is the only place where I don’t want eat everything in one go, I want it to last. We ordered an Ultimate Derbyshire breakfast each which comes fully loaded with  sausage, bacon, eggs, beans – winner in the avoiding soggy toast, toast, and black pudding – dutifully donated to Mr M. The food here is beautiful, although watch the eggs….if you have a preference definitely ask for what you want. I am not fussy and like them as they come so they win me over every time, and most importantly everything is local.

The interior screams Great British country side and emulates everything that is Derbyshire, from the handmade wicker baskets down to the Derbyshire Charcoal cheese (yes, it is black….on the outside at least!). Sitting outside meant that this handsome chap got buckets of attention. And, really, who could blame them?  

Fresh Basil is very popular so if you’re going to pay a visit then expect a little wait but it is more than worth it and there are shelves of local bits and bobs you can peruse while you wait. I’d recommend paying this place a visit for either breakfast or lunch.....but it’s a total winner at brunch. 

You can opt to take away here which is ideal for picnics in the local river gardens during summer, and their homemade soups and hot chocolates make for a perfect pit stop in the winter – I am a particular fan of their cakes too. Naturally.

If you do pay a visit promise me one thing; you’ll have a slice of White Chocolate and Raspberry cake? Honestly, it is to die for. I would eat it for breakfast, brunch and lunch if I could.

Are you a bruncher?


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