Receiving a challenge in your inbox is possibly one of the best things in life.


When I received an email about collaborating with George at Asda for their bedding range I did not expect it to turn into a style post. George are running their #thatssewgeorge campaign to showcase the patterns on their bedding, and it’s a fantastic challenge. Let loose on their range I was tasked with selecting a bedding which I could turn into something else, something you wouldn’t expect bedding could be.


Now, I haven’t actually sewn for years. I’ve hemmed, taken in and fixed but sewing from scratch is a long distant memory. So I decided to stick with something a little easier; a full skirt. This is where using bedding for your material comes into it’s own. 

There are two ways of making a full skirt, one is by making two halves to sew together, the other is by cutting out one big circle. If you have a waist that is bigger than 10cm or if your legs go up to your armpits it’s nigh on impossible to find a fabric wide enough to allow you to cut a seamless skirt. But not with bedding. Bedding is huge so you are guaranteed enough fabric width.

As far as the print was concerned I went for George's Ribbon Floral Duvet set. I'm obsessed with minty green colours at the moment (not going to lie......I've been obsessed for a while) so the tone of this duvet is perfect. The set sits just on the right side of floral, with the monochrome effect of the floral print adding a bit of an edge to what could otherwise have been an aged style. 

There are so many tutorials on the web that I’m not going to bother adding another, but these sites are really helpful for beginners:

Teaming a full skirt up with an underskirt, low back t-shirt and some flat pumps emulates dreamy summer days, and with autumn emerging from its hibernation making the most of the little sunshine left is an absolute must. 

So, some of the stitching isn’t the straightest it could be and there are definite notes of lovingly homemade about this skirt but I really do think I got away with wearing it in public, and most importantly I love it. I felt proud to be wearing something I had made with a print that I can't  help but love more and more every time I see my skirt hanging in my wardrobe. 

Rusty though they be my sewing skills are still there.......buried underneath the baking and sofa slouching.

You can find Asda's full bedding range on their website, and while you're there have a nosey round....I've got my eye on a few of the cushions, namely the @ one (perfect for an office, no?).

*This post is in collaboration with George at Asda. While I recieved the bedding for free I chose it myself and did the sewing by myself (in an afternoon - get me!). All views and opinions are my own and I genuinely do love this bedding. 


  1. Wow you are clever. I turned this challenge down cos I don't have a creative bone in my body. My sewing skills are awful! The skirt looks gorgeous x

  2. Thank you :-) It was touch and go for a while!

    I can't get over how satisfying the whole process feels!

    B x

  3. OMG I love this Becki! It's such a pretty skirt and would even work well in winter too :)

  4. Thank you! I'm so proud of it :-D Look out thick woolly tights!

    B x


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