Poptarts: The ultimate easy bake

There really is nothing better than reverting to your childhood. These little taste sensations are the ultimate in lazy baking; you don’t even need to roll out the pastry if you don’t want to.

Poptarts are also the ultimate childhood breakfast. Sugary sweet with enough E numbers in them to send a full grown adult male into a hyperactive state they are a corner post lazy Saturday mornings in front of a TV full of cartoons.


We never really had them as kids, primarily because they were expensive in comparison to giant box of cornflakes. I didn’t really try them until I hit adulthood, and nice though they are I was never hooked. Mr M on the other hand…..


I ended up making these when I had a surplus of pastry in the freezer, and I can honestly say that the satisfaction in making them – despite how easy they are – is obscene!


They are ultimately a four ingredient bake – five if you’re feeling fancy.

All you will need is pastry (homemade, readymade or even ready rolled.....any will do!), jam, Icing sugar, water, and the final fancy ingredient of sprinkles. It doesn’t matter whether you use puff or shortcrust pastry, although I used rough puff and highly recommend it.

The top of these are topped with crushed mini smarties because they are all we had in, but they worked well enough.

They’re the ultimate in childhood reminiscing and lazy baking, a winning combination. And evern better? You can fill them or top them however you like. Fancy chocolate ones? Fill them with chocolate spread and top with chocolate icing. Strawberry? Add flavouring. Any way you want them you can have them.


  1. Ooo they look tasty! great recipe

    1. Thanks! Let me know if you try it....they're definitely worth the minimal effort :-)

      B x


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