Hope Cove, Devon

Devon is my home. I might not live there at the moment and I may have lived outside of the county for longer than I lived in it now, but it is and will always be my home.

Growing up in Devon was fantastic for adventuring and whenever we pay a visit I always make sure that we explore the county more. That’s how we found Hope Cove.

The epicentre of our visits is always Plymouth. My home city. We anchor down and use it as our base from which to explore from. It makes exploring easier because it means we have a familiar base to lay our head; we don’t need to worry about getting lost getting back to our hotel, we know all the local food hotspots and we know the routes. It really is a home away from home. The down side to Plymouth is that there is no beach. Sea, lot’s of sea but no actual beach.

Visiting in the summer requires a visit to the beach. You can’t go to the coast in the sunshine to just look at the sea…you've got to get your toes wet.

So I took to Google to find a local beach, and we found an absolute gem.

Nestled on the edge of a quiet village Hope Cove is a popular haunt for locals. We took to the hills for a grander view and to soak up as much of the glorious British sunshine as possible.

We met a few of the locals and sat looking out to infinity in the sunshine before the rumbles of our stomachs could be ignored no more. 

So we bade goodbye to our new friends and were beach bound for food.

Right next to the beach there is a wonderful little tapas bar where Mr M ordered some chips and the most gorgeous chrizo smothered in a glorious honey glaze. It was so beautiful that it convinced Mr M of a second visit straight away. Well, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.......

We had one final play in the sea and walk along the sand before heading back to the car for a journey through the perilously narrow country lanes.

There’s nothing like finding a hidden gem, and there really is no place like home.


  1. Oh my goodness what a beautiful place? That chorizo sounds amazing too, I'd be there in a shot if I lived closer.
    Bee | QueenBeady.com

    1. It is stunning. I could spend hours just sitting in that tapas bar!

      Devon is so incredible but it is a far old drive. Totally worth it though :-)

      B x


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