'Ear 'ear - Ear Cuff

Isn’t there something marvellous about early Autumn?

The mornings bring fog and a dewy freshness that blows out the cobwebs, giving way to glorious afternoons that send splendid remnants of the summer sunshine across crisp, cool blue skies. Early Autumn is on fine form this year and has blessed us with some glorious days so far which has us reaching gleefully for our boots, jumpers and scarfs, rather than our macs and brollies (I really should get myself a mac).

With the season rolling on and everyone swapping out their wardrobes there's a distinct feeling of change in the ever cooling air. Season change always feels like a good time to try something new. So when an email from The Body Jewellery shop popped into my inbox I seized the opportunity.

The Body Jewellery shop specialise in piercing jewellery, anything from ear piercings down to belly bars. I should point out that my “trying something new” wasn't going and getting a piercing – getting my ears pierced was traumatic enough – it’s quite the opposite.

Thanks to copious hours spent trawling through Pinterest (follow me here) I have been harbouring an obsession with ear cuffs for quite a while. Edgy, effortlessly cool and destined to grace the ears of only the coolest people. I could never pull on off. Or so I thought.

The lovely people at the Body Jewellery shop sent me one to take for a ride.

Cuffs are the ultimate cheats way of making your ear look fabulous without having the pain of having another hole punched into it. I am a wuss so this appeals to me greatly. It’s also a brilliant way of dulling the edge to the look you’re trying to achieve. It can add an edge to  a casual outfit or give a really girly one a twist. I love this little cuff and it’s barely been off my ear since I got it. It's clearly had a funny effect.....

You can get this ear cuff from the Body Jewellery shop website. 

All of their products are made with surgical steel (where applicable) and are brilliant quality. I love this cuff and plan on treating myself to this little fella too....just bee-cause. 

*This ear cuff was sent to me to review. Whilst I received this product to review I would happily have paid for this product. All opinions and views are my own. I love this cuff and will be purchasing more from this site based on my experience with this product. PLUS, doesn't it look great?!


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