Rhodos, Rhodes - 4.

While we were away somebody had a birthday. Mr M climbed a wrung of the age ladder and decided that to celebrate we would pay a visit to the capital or Rhodes; Rhodes. (Or Rhodos if you’re feeling fancy).

We decided to brave the bus and travelled the hour and ten from Lindos to Rhodos. The buses on Rhodes are surprisingly reliable. They may run on Greek Maybe Time (GMT) and arrive a little behind schedule but they do turn up, and if they are running 15 minutes late at 9am you’re pretty much guaranteed that they’ll be running 15 minutes late for the rest of the day.

We hopped on a, thankfully, air-conditioned bus and headed north for Rhodos.

Rhodos is split into two halves: Old town and New town. Old town, as you’d expect is the historical part of town that’s steeped in heritage, cobblestones and tourists. New town is the “city” part of Rhodos and has all of your high street stores, and practically no tourists.

We headed straight for Old town where we wandered amongst the tourist shops and the history. I spent most of my time pointing out old memories to Mr M, which I’m sure he loved, whilst he spent his time taking in the atmosphere and sussing out gelato stands.

Being a little bit more of a tourist centre Old town is stacked full of taverners vying for your attention. They will call to you, ask you to come in for a drink or some food, but the moment you say “No, thank you” they will bid you good afternoon and leave you alone.

We wandered down to the harbor where we did a bit of boat shopping

…..that one is mine…..someday.

And, then we wandered back to Old town for an ice cream.....

......it was a hell of a climb ^

Having had our fill of nostalgia, ice cream and heat we turned our attention to New town.

New town is a great amalgamation of high street stores from across the globe, there’s a Miss Sixty, Zara, Tres Jolie (Very Lovely – I’m learning French for a trip later this year, it’s tres bien), and a M&S. Before long the novelty of high street wore off (about 10 minutes in) and we took back to the water edge to check out the Doe and the Deer.

The highlight of the day came when we were meandering through the square in the middle of Old and New town when a dog caught site of us and made for a tap, he looked up at us with the most adorable can’t-pass-me-by-eyes and asked for a drink. I, suckered hook line and sinker, failed to get a picture of this and just turned on the tap. He was adorable.

Old town, New town, Harbour and pooch seen and conquered we headed back to Lindos for tea.

As it was Mr M’s birthday he got to choose where we ate….so we revisited Dionysos.

Starting with a Filo wrapped feta in honey and courgette fritters to share.

(Apologies for the photo quality....relying on dodgy phone after forgetting the camera!)

Both of these were divine. We ended up having the feta parcel quite a few times over the holiday but this was far and away the best version of it. The honey they had used must have been a different honey because it was much more subtle than the other we had tasted.

The courgette fritter were a real winner, Mr M doesn't normally like courgette but these really changed his mind. They were the right balance of light and crispy, and they really packed a flavour punch. 

For main I opted for Mexican chicken and Mr M went for a mixed grill. Both beautiful and both very healthy portion sizes.

If you are visiting Lindos I would more than recommend giving Dionysos a visit. The food, atmosphere and staff are fabulous. And, it’s not at all expensive. It sits quite firmly in the goldilocks price range (not too much, but not too little). My pasta dish from our first visit cost 8.50 euro….about £6.75. The quality of the food and the service in this place is fantastic.

I’m sorry I didn’t manage to get you cake on your birthday Mr M, but hopefully the ice cream and crepes made up for it?

*No posts about my holiday in Lindos are sponsored. All travel, accommodation, food, restaurants and day trips were paid for by myself and/or Mr M. All views and opinions are my own. 


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