Lindos, Rhodes - 2.

Just about a mile from the hotel in the opposite direction to Lindos town there is a little beach, tucked away. One of the best things on holiday is finding the little spots that have little to no people on them. Lindos town itself is sandwiched between two beaches; both of them are rammed by 10am, so we took a wander down to this little gem.

When you first get down to this beach it looks as though you have wandered onto a private beach for the luxury hotel just back from the water’s edge but we wandered a little away from the hotel and found ourselves a quiet spot.

We spent the day soaking up the sun, watching the waves and rock pooling.

I love rock pooling. Despite living on the coast for a large portion of my childhood and spending many a holiday on the shores of Scarborough, criminally, I never really rock pooled as a kid. So now is my time. I love moseying around the miniature oceans watching the different sea life.


After an exhausting day of doing nothing we headed back to the hotel to change and check the phones before wandering to Lindos in search of food.

It is incredibly hard to find a bad place to eat in Lindos. It is even harder to find a truly amazing place, however, having visited before I had a few hotspots hidden up my sleeve so I led Mr M to one of my favourites: Dionysos.  

The atmosphere at this place is just perfect, the candles, the rooftop seating under the watchful eye of the Acropolis and fantastic staff makes for a brilliant evening. The food here is something else.

I opted for a simple pasta dish with Feta and Mr M opted for pork in a four pepper sauce. Portion sizes in every restaurant in Lindos are typically Greek: they are hearty, and Dionysos is no exception.

My pasta was divine. It was light, perfectly cooked and smothered in a balanced tomato sauce. The flavours were immense and seemed to change with every mouthful….a good thing when there was so much of it.

But Mr M’s pork was something else. The sauce was a balsamic and pepper sauce. It was creamy without being too heavy and the pork was cooked just right. There was a serious amount of food envy that was appeased only by the presence of a bottle of bubbles, ordered in celebration of the news of exchange on our house.

We opted to get pudding from a creperie and wandered slowly back to the hotel. Definitely a good start to the week!

*No posts about my holiday in Lindos are sponsored. All travel, accommodation, food, restaurants and day trips were paid for by myself and/or Mr M. All views and opinions are my own. 


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