Eating out in Lindos

Naturally eating became the only thing I thought about on holiday. I love Greek cooking and could eat Greek food every single day. It became my mission on this holiday to eat Feta cheese at least once a day. Nailed it.

We visited a lot of restaurant in Lindos. As always there were the forgettable, the memorable and the downright questionable meals. I thought I would knock together a post with tips on where to visit in Lindos.

First and foremost, because I clearly haven’t mentioned the place enough; you must pay a visit to Dionysos

For the service, for the atmosphere, and for the food. It is a must visit if you are in Lindos, the staff there are just so incredibly friendly without being intrusive, the food is sublime and the price is completely reasonable.

Another place to visit is Oasis. My best recommendation for this place is to visit it just as the sun is setting, bag yourself a balcony seat and maybe just order a drink.

The staff here are really friendly and very chatty. The food really isn’t anything wow, the carrots were of the tinned variety, and they charge just that bit too much for it. But the views. Overlooking the main beach of Lindos at sunset. It is just beautiful. Just watch out for your personal space and your waiter at this place. There is such a thing as too friendly and there is such a thing as serving you things you didn’t order and charging you for it.

On one of the nights we were there I threw in a curveball and suggested we grab a takeaway and head down to the beach to eat it. So we picked up a pizza and headed back down to St Paul’s bay where we watched the waves lapping lazily on the pebbly shore as the sky changed colour. 

It was bliss. I really recommend you do this! Whilst it’s not entirely the most sophisticated of meals it is oddly romantic, totally fun and irresistible. Aside from the nights spent at Dionysos, this may very well have been my favourite meal of the week.

The same cannot be said for the meal we had on the last night at the restaurant on St Paul’s beach, Tambakio.

When eating out in Greece you must remember two rules:

1.       Do NOT criticise a Greek chef
2.       Do NOT lose your resolve, especially if the food is questionable

The setting was beautiful and the menu was promising however we had a run in with food quality issues and once raised with the waiter there was a distinct increase in tension around our table. We didn’t hang around here for too long. It’s such a shame though because the setting is simply stunning.

When it comes to desserts on holiday for me I have a sort of unbreakable tradition that every night instead of having a dessert at whatever restaurant we are eating at we will grab an ice cream and eat it while wandering around town.

Desserts in Lindos means one of two things: Ice cream or Crepes. Every other corner in Lindos is taken up by a Creperie and after the first night I was hooked. Hello white chocolate spread and cookie! This became a staple of pretty much every single night and I have to admit that if deprived the bottom lip came out. These crepes are fully responsible for my newly found addiction to chocolate spread. Did you know they do White chocolate Kinder Beauno spread?!

*No posts about my holiday in Lindos are sponsored. All travel, accommodation, food, restaurants and day trips were paid for by myself and/or Mr M. All views and opinions are my own. 


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