Belper Food Festival 2015

Sunday saw Belper host its annual food festival. The festival is an opportunity for local business, producers and farmers to get together and showcase their produce.

Being thoroughly British we ignored the intermittent rain showers and joined the masses in celebration of good quality food from Derbyshire and the surrounding areas.

The rain never gets in the way of a good festival and it seemed like we weren't alone in this thought as people  turned up in their drones.

We spent the day sampling food, chatting to some truly wonderful local producers and resisting buying every item that had the words "cake", "cheese" or "chutney" attached to it.

This is my "Oh, that's spicy!" face: 

A lot of the local business opened for the day, including Beaupierre Patisserie, a definite winner with the crowds. 

By lunchtime Belper was heaving and it called for only one thing: lunch. We headed for a quieter spot away from the crowds and towards, it turns out, some cracking live music. Ella Juster and her ukulele work absolute magic.

After doing the standard preliminary walk around and stopping off at the petting zoo - I made good friends with this fine chap -

we then threw ourselves into buying everything we could.

On our way around we met Tracey from Humble Homity and Bespoke Brownies. Her brownies are possibly the best I have ever bought, they are the perfect consistency, nice and fudgey, without being too heavy and 20 of her brownie flavours are gluten free (including the salted caramel one which is to die for). Of course we bought some to take home - or rather eat before we got back to the car.

Belper food festival is a must visit if you live in the area (or you're visiting in July!). There's a real community spirit around the day and it so good knowing that I live surrounded by all of these amazing local producers because nothing ever quite beats local, does it?


  1. I love a local food festival. I always end up alone at the churro stand talking doughnuts. One thing this post has left me wondering is why they put an elephant stamp on a beef pie...are you sure it was beef?

  2. Haha! Now you come to it....! To be fair they had other pies that had dolphins on them....I think they were chicken pies. At least I hope they were!

    B x


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