Byron burgers, Derby

Last night Byron came to Derby, and I was lucky enough to win a table on Opening Night.

Byron burgers have been making waves in the burger scenes for a while now, and with the concept of perfecting simplicity their burgers are focused on being the best damned burgers around.

So, armed with the husband, the sister and the Mr’s bestie I went to find out what all the fuss is about.

We kicked off the evening with a round of drinks, Red wine for the sister, Byron lager for the menfolk and a homemade lemonade for me. The lager connoisseurs were suitably impressed with the lager and praised its unfiltered nature.

I’m more of a fan of a good homemade lemonade and this one didn’t disappoint. It was sweet and a little bit tarty, and with the omissions of fizz it ticked every single good homemade lemonade box for me.

In order to survive until the main we ordered nachos to share.

Chunky guacamole, salsa, sour cream and cheese on huge tortilla chips.

The ratio of cheese to chips was brilliant, usually drenched in cheese the chips can get a bit lost in the mush but these held their own under a lighter scattering of cheese but a bigger dollop of everything else.

Nachos demolished we didn’t have long to wait before the mains arrived.

I opted for a Sweet Caroline Burger (BA BA BAAA!), which is Byron’s Summer special,

Beef burger topped with bacon, pulled pork, jalapeno slaw, crispy potatoes and topped with the most amazing apple vinegar mayonnaise.

And shared a side of Mac n Cheese and skin on fries with the Mr.

The burger was a-maz-ing. Not usually a massive burger fan I am well and truly converted. The barbeque-y, meatiness was broken up nicely by the jalapeno slaw and the mayo. And, can I just take a second to pay a special homage to the bun?!

All of Byron’s burgers come cooked medium unless otherwise stated so it’s worth asking for it cooking to your taste. But as a die hard “well done” burger eater I would recommend giving it a go as it comes, the burger is way more juicy and packs more of a flavour punch when it’s medium! Byron have definitely got perfecting burgers down to an art.

I am also now a complete Mac n Cheese convert. Convert might be wrong. Before now I have never eaten the stuff. How the idea of it passed me by because frankly what in life is better than carbs and cheese combined?! Especially with a splash of hot sauce to spice it all up a bit.

Want a close up? Go on, you know you do.....

Burger annihilated it was time for dessert. Well, it would be rude not to, right?

The Mr’s bestie and the sister had a caramel and honeycomb sundae each,

Sweet, brain freeze inducing, caramel sodden and totally moreish

I went for the brownie,

The brownie was the perfect levels of fudgey, there was no cakeiness in sight. Very good (although perhaps not as good as these).

And Mr M went for the evenings show stopper: the white chocolate cheesecake with honey poached blueberries.

All of the desserts were met with groans and eye rolls, but the cheesecake was something else. Rich, smooth, creamy, pure unadulterated delight on a spoon! It induced some serious dessert envy.

All in all Byron’s is a bloody brilliant place. The food is amazing, the atmosphere relaxed, even the edgy decor adds to the laid back atmosphere. The staff there were all amazing, they knew their stuff and hit the spot with their recommendations.

And if you get bored with the company you’re in you could always go cow hunting……

Byron in Derby was always going to be a good thing, for both Derby and Byron (and me). There’s a revolution coming to Derby, granted a slow one but still, a revolution! And I think places like Byron opening up are going to help lead it on its way.

You can find Byron in the Intu shopping centre in Derby centre ( a slightly disappointing location but a necessity when you take into account that outside of Intu the centre of Derby is barely existent), if you’re not local to Derby check out their other locations.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to wipe my keyboard…..I may have drooled.

*We dined at Byron hamburgers as a result of a competition win. Whilst the meal was paid for all views are my own and I would more than happily have paid for our meal (we left a big tip instead!)


  1. We're getting one in Newcastle soon (if the rumours are correct!) and I can't wait! We're a little behind with the burger UK takeover although I have also heard a recent Runour we're getting a Five Guys too!

    I used to hate Mac n Cheese but now I'm obsessed! Odd eh?!

    Chloe x

  2. Mmmmm, I've really been fancying burgers for the last few weeks and now I really really fancy burgers!!


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