A Walk with the Lords and Ladies

There is something marvellous about this time of the year. The unpredictable weather makes for interesting days out dodging rain and praying for sunshine.

Risking the rain and crossing our fingers for a bit of sun we headed off up to Chatsworth for a walk with the pooch.

Chatsworth is a brilliant place and we are insanely lucky to be within driving distance meaning we can turn a leisurely afternoon dog walk into an afternoon pretending to be Lords and Ladies at a whim. I'm yet to see Mr Darcy up there....climbing out of the fountain or otherwise.


Two things give away that these photo may not be entirely new....three if you include the very recent hair change: 1. The dog. Damn thing grew! 2. The trees. They may or may not give it away that it was Autumn. Dammit.

But timetables and sunshine are yet to align for me to get up to date pictures of this jumper:

Jumper: From T K Maxx, similar here || Jeans: River Island, Similar here || Boots, Clarks || Scarf from this wonderful place

As you know I have a keen addiction to good old fashioned jumper and this is not something that is restricted to winter.

The only thing I love more than a predictable woolly throw-on is one that I can wear all year round, and this is just that.

Now we are coming back into one of those unpredictable times of the year again this jumper has become a regular staple. It's just enough jumper to keep me warm but just light enough to keep from suffocating in heat. It is entirely ideal.

Let me know your staples for surviving the unpredictable weather! I need all the help I can get.


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