Write Now

So, here’s some news.

There’s a fantastic online digital magazine that was born from the brilliant minds of Samantha Sparrow and Lea Rice in 2011 called The High Tea Cast, some of you may know it, some of you won’t. It is written by, read by and aimed at women who really don’t give a…….

And here’s the news:

I am now a bona fide writer for The High Tea Cast! I am part of Team Tea and I LOVE it!

Having been an avid reader of the marvellous publication for a few years now I am so thrilled that I am officially part of their editorial team. I have a monthly slot in which I cover General Features.

If you’ve never heard of/read/seen The High Tea Cast, what are you waiting for? Jump to it!

And as for my first article? You can find that here.

To say I’m ecstatic, excited and incredibly grateful is a massive understatement. GO TEAM TEA!


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