Throw Back Thursday: Dog Meets Snow

Today Imma throw it back Thursday style.

Mainly because I was going through my photos and ended up flicking through these of Puppy Explorer’s first adventures in snow and got caught in a continuous "isn't he a cutie?" cycle, but also because with the weather taking a positive turn there is only so long I can leave it before posting pictures of snow is considered blaspheming.

So, I thought it was about time for a quick puppy update.

At 17kg this little monster should have been full grown two kilos ago but at this point I'm pretty certain he's still growing...

He's turned into a fluffy ball of energy that can seemingly get away with murder. He sleeps on the sofa, which we said we wouldn't have, and he climbs on the bed for cuddles in the morning - which we also said we wouldn't have.

 He is not entirely dignified.......

We took him for his first walk in the snow during winter and I think it's fair to say he had a whale of a time (although, photographing a black dog in brilliant white snow is a total nightmare), he ran at warp speed, ate snow, rolled in snow then got tired and laid in the snow.

He even made a few new friends along the way.....

"They're funny looking dogs......"

Already he has proven he is worth more than his (heavy) weight in gold and is firmly a member of the family....although I'm not sure that Kitten Explorer will agree to that!


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