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When I first started this blog, about 18 months ago, my intention was to set out on a life altering adventure in which I would take on new and exciting challenges and, in the best possible way with the worst possible phrase, “find myself”. I never intended for it to be a grand adventure in which I would pack up my life, sell all my belongings, and hitchhike across the lands. No, it was going to be true self-discovery, taking time to delve into certain elements of life to learn what I like and what I don’t like, and this blog was supposed to be a document of that.

Unfortunately, like so many before me and for many that I’m sure will follow, I got right royally sucked into what I’ve dubbed “the blogging fold”. This platform to document my time of self-realisation suddenly transformed into a platform used to conform. I started following all the rules, rules about having perfectly lit photos taken in a white room and the rules about frequency of posts. I got suckered into conforming with the pastels, the trends and the Fentimans. Oh, God the Fentimans.

As a result of all this, this blog became a bit of a flop; it went from a passion to an obligation very quickly, as it does for so many others, and I soon realised that this disaster was being mirrored. It was being mirrored by my original plan. Everything was flopping.

Here’s a thing though, I actually LOVE Fentimans and pastels….and I’ve even got a soft spot for trends. But I don’t follow the conventions: the Fentimans? It’s all about the Victorian Lemonade not the Rose Lemonade flavour, nor the bottle shape. Oh, the balance of sour lemon and hints of spicy ginger is just perfect and it makes me feel like I’m drinking summer in a bottle. I feel like I’m drinking attitude. Pure I’m-going-dance-on-your-tongue attitude.

Without going too far into things, for personal privacy and, frankly, not wanting to bore you, life over the past 18 months has been turbulent. There has certainly been a journey but it hasn’t been a nice one and it felt like it all came to a rather volatile crescendo in the first week of this year.

Now I’m out the other side slightly bedraggled but still alive things are changing. Starting with the blog’s design! So, it’s out with the old and in with the new. So long old design!

Please have a poke around, let me know of any hiccups and most importantly; let me know what you think to it!


  1. I'm glad to hear you're feeling refreshed! Love the new design too!

  2. Thank you! I'm really loving this feels like it fits a little better :-)

    B x


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