Elcocoa Handmade Chocolate


When I paid a visit to Wirksworth Farmer's Market a week or so ago I naturally picked up a little something extra to the traditional farmer’s market fair: Salted Gold!

As we wandered around the market stalls it was impossible not to be drawn in to the Elcocoa stall. These creations are an attack on the senses in the best possible way, starting with your eyes. The creator of Elcocoa, Ellie, trained as a graphic designer before embarking on her adventures in chocolatiering lending her chocolates quite naturally to having the most eye catching design I've ever seen in chocolate.

Having spent ages deliberating over which chocolate to go for – because it was never a question of ‘if’ – I narrowed it down to two options: a Tropical Kiss or Salted Caramel. Whilst the Tropical kiss sounded like a dangerously erotic exotic option, it had banana in it and banana tastes like the devil. It could possibly be one of the only things in the world you could add to chocolate to ruin it. Plus, I'm married, so Salted Gold it was.

This chocolate bar is an absolute work of art so it took me a while to build up the desire to break into it…..that’s a lie….it took about two minutes.

For me, this chocolate tastes as good as it looks. The salted caramel came through just enough to be a cheeky wink and not overpower the chocolate. The nuts in the bar gave it a whole new dimension that just added to the illusion that you are eating an actual Gold mine. Seriously, the nuts were essentially the nuggets in my mine. 

Unfortunately, the nuts are what let Mr M down. He wasn't expecting them and was therefore surprised by their presence, and whilst not adverse to a good nut I think it’s fair to say that he was caught on a back foot, as many of us would be by unexpected nuts.

As it was Easter weekend Ellie had some stunning chocolate eggs on offer, but I'm not sure they’ll be around for too much longer. 

If you are looking for a new chocolate to try, or you’re in search of a good gift for someone check Ellie’s site out. If you are local to the Midlands then getting your chocolate from Ellie is a sure fire way of supporting a local producer…something I implore you to do!


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