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Hi, my name is Becki, and I am addicted to Twitter Competitions.

I have this thing for them. A compulsion, if you will, that in the majority centres around food. When The Cake & Bake show held a flash competition to win a stencil cookie decorating kit I jumped on it…and subsequently won. Hurrah!

When the kit from Creative Cookie arrived on my doorstep I was determined to be good at using the stencils. And the kit provided was the best possible tool to ensure it…….that is until I tried.

The kit arrived with everything you need to create beautifully decorate cookies. You are provided with a cookie cutter, stencil, colour powders, rejuvenator, edible glue, sugar paste, brushes and even an instruction/recipe card. The only things it doesn't supply you with is talent, patience or time.

So I set to it.

And ruined it.


Turns out these kits aren’t idiot proof. I swiftly got bored of being rubbish with the beautiful stencil and decided to give the rest of the kit a thorough testing.

Overall the quality of everything in the kit surpassed my expectations and if you want a straight forward, easy to follow guide to getting perfect cookies then I would definitely recommend this kit.

You’ll be able to pick these kits up at The Cake & Bake show or you can get them online here. If you’re a whizz at decorating and heading to a show this year it's time to stretch your decorating skills; The Cake & Bake show are holding a cake decorating competition at their shows again this year.

The theme is Children's Stories and can be depicted in any edible cake form possible. If you fancy yourself as an award winner check out the entry requirements and details here! Let me know if you are entering!

Fingers crossed you're better at decorating than I am........!


  1. No too bad for the first attempt though!

    1. Ah, thanks! I am bloody well trying again though!

      B x


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