Chocoholic Weekend at Three Ways House, The morning after the night before!

The bubbles from the night before and the chocolate clearly had an effect on us because the following morning we were awake before the birds. Making the most of the peace and quiet we exchanged our anniversary cards and pondered the idea of breakfast.

Still being full from the night before we both entered the restaurant with slight trepidation. But once I caught sight of the full english buffet, my stomach suddenly never has been known to turn down a good hotel breakfast!

The breakfast was brilliant, although it was a buffet there was no compromise on the quality. There was plenty of choice, and certainly something for everyone (like a bowl of yoghurt and granola, coco pops, toast, and a plateful of full english for some.......what? I never said I had self control....!)

 Of course, it wouldn't be a chocoholic weekend with the presence of a Pain au Chocolat!

On the back of the menus there was a list of the suppliers that all of the breakfast was bought from. I thought this was a nice touch, it's a great way of knowing that you are eating quality, reasonably sourced food without having to be "that person".

Mr M was starting to waiver by this point, it was a lot of chocolate to take and I guess it's just too much for some! Luckily we had the treasure hunt to take his mind off of it. The Treasure Hunt was themed on chocolate, every answer to the clues were well known chocolate bars. We were given a list of clues that took us on a tour of the local villages. It was great fun and I should imagine that the villages we drove through were lovely.....however I wouldn't know. I got too excited by the hunt and spent the entire hunt shouting "GO GO GO! DRIVE FASTER!"

Oddly enough, we were the first back to the hotel but did just as dismally as the other couples involved, failing dramatically with only 4 of 10 answers correct.....!

After a quick rest with another hot chocolate we were led into the cooking demonstration where we were taught how to make truffles, chocolate mousse and a 2minute microwave pudding. We also got the chance to taste varying cocoa content chocolate, starting with Dairy Milk at 20% and ending with a 90%.  The demonstration wasn't my favourite part of the whole weekend, I'll be honest. Perhaps I was still on a come down from the treasure hunt but I felt as though we could have been shown some more exciting recipes.....or maybe I just need to get out of the kitchen a little more.

At the end of the demo each couple was given a goody bag with all of the answers from the hunt inside along with the recipes for the recipes in the demo to take away with us.

This weekend is the best weekend I have had in a very long time and I would recommend it to anyone who asked. It isn't cheap costing £145 per person for just one night stay in a standard room, it certainly isn't a cheap get away but it is worth every penny. It is a must for any foodie or chocolate lover out there!

The hotel was gorgeous, with just the right balance of cosiness with style. The food was superb (I still dream about that steak now....) But the thing that made our weekend the most was the staff. With a special mention to Ollie on Front of House who was incredibly welcoming, friendly and helpful, the whole team were brilliant.

Thank you to everyone at Three Ways House for making our first anniversary that bit more special! I have a feeling we may be back.......


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