So I've had a few weeks away from the keyboard. It was completely unplanned.

The past two weeks has pretty much been a blur of working and pyjamas, and in all honesty the ability to keep my eyes open past 9pm no longer exists.

With exhaustion being the main theme of my days things have fallen by the wayside, y'know, little things like going out, having fun, and generally existing as a fully formed human being. But hey, such is life, we move on and get over it.

So in the name of getting over it: I'm back!

I've been thinking about the ol' blog for a while now and I'm feeling a bit of a shake up is in order. Maybe it won't be noticeable, maybe it will, maybe, just maybe, I'll fall asleep at my keyboard and forget everything I've said......

......who are you again?........and why are you staring at my blog world?!

Keep your eyes on the stars, my friends. 



  1. I completely sympathise! I experienced the exact same thing at the beginning of October and now after a couple of weeks of quiet, I feel like life is getting a little bit too hectic again!

    1. Sometimes life just feels like it's going a million miles an hour and something's got to give! At least we are not alone! :)



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