Oddly, I believe that this post is going to be a big post for me to write. Not because I’m about to make a big statement or that it’s overly personal, simply - I think - , because the subject is so important to me. So, with that in mind I want you to really think about it. Clear your mind of all the stressful crap that has been happening to you and for the next 2 to 10 minutes (dependent on your read speed) believe you are truly in that peaceful place……..ready? Deep breath in, *inhales*……….and long breath out…….*exhalesuntillungsfeelliketheyaregoingtocollapse*.....

Have you ever been somewhere, a city or a town or even a village, and felt as though you just belong there? I don’t mean the feeling you get when your are laying on the beach with an glass of ice cold heaven in your hand, and you think “Oh, I could totally live here” as some sun kissed God/Goddess runs past you half naked. I mean the feeling of just comfortably being.

There is a place in this world for everyone, somewhere that they can feel secure and free. A place where you can feel effortlessly yourself. It’s the place you can walk around and feel as though the streets know you, as though they are happy to see you, and even if they weren't it wouldn't matter anyway because you are happy to see them. It’s where you want to run away to when you need space, clarity, and to feel that great embrace of safety. I like to think of it as similar to having a Soul Mate, maybe it is your Soul Mate, your kinship.

It’s these places that can make people become something truly special. They can naturally give you confidence, motivation, and more daring. If you feel happy just existing and having nothing more from life than being in this place then you have nothing to lose. You start to feel as though the world is your oyster and you have the best foundation to start from.

If you haven’t ever felt like this the likelihood is that you are already there. One of the truest phrases in life is that you don’t know what you've got until it’s gone. Take a moment to imagine what it would be like to live somewhere else, if you can’t think of somewhere you would rather live then you've already got it (If that doesn't work imagine someone has paved it and put up a parking lot…..).

If you haven’t ever felt like this and know it’s not where you are then let the adventure begin! There is 57,505,693.767 sq mi of Land Mass on Earth, somewhere in that there is a place waiting for you. That’s exciting!

I truly envy people who have been able to live where they feel their best. Think back to that awkward feeling of your first day of secondary school, you turn up with your shirt a little bit too tucked in and your tie a little bit too done up. Suddenly you realise that this is it; for the next God knows how long you are going to be stuck in this scary place that you don’t know your way around. Now, imagine that feeling staying with you for the rest of school, and even though you've untucked your shirt, undone the tie, learnt your way around and started back chatting the teachers , you still somehow feel that awkward pang of not belonging. Now imagine that feeling across your whole life.

I'm lucky in the sense that I know where I belong. I'm unlucky in the sense that I had to leave there. I have been away for far too long. When I go Home, as I call it, I change – in a good way. It’s as though I have a subconscious trigger that shush’s me and tells me it’s all ok. I didn't realise it until recently but when I leave Home I get that horrible sense of having forgotten something, that empty pit of panicky realisation, I've only just realised what it is I have left behind.

Life is too short to live in a place that makes you feel uncomfortable. It’s too short to feel isolated, especially if you know you belong somewhere else. Go find where you need to be, you’ll learn a whole bunch of stuff about yourself you never knew…… may even find that you are a totally different person.


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