Hokey Pokey

Dependent on where you are in the world is dependent on what you will hear this being called. To most it’s known simply as Cinder Toffee or Honeycomb, to others it’s  Hokey Pokey. Hokey Pokey also refers to vanilla ice cream with chunks of honeycomb in it, if you’re interested!

I like to mix it up. Hokey Pokey is predominantly a Cornish name so I have a compulsion to hail back to home and follow their lead, but in the months of October and November it must imperatively be referred to as Cinder Toffee. Nothing evokes stronger memories of the warm glow of bonfires, the smell of fried onions combined with the smoky aroma of fireworks, and that feeling of numb fingers and noses, than the words "Cinder Toffee".

For years of my life I never understood why people loved Cinder Toffee so much but over the last few years I have fallen obsessively in love with the stuff, to such a degree that I wonder whether I am turning into Papa Explorer who has a very soft spot for it.

It was my obsession with it that led me to finding out how it is made. Spending a fortune in a sweet shop on the golden wonder was starting to get embarrassing….card statements don’t lie. I was pleasantly surprised/utterly gobsmacked to learn that it is a three ingredient recipe and is so insanely easy to make that I'm certain my cat could make it.

All you need is 100g of sugar (naturally), 4 tablespoons of golden syrup, and 1 ½ teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda. All you do is dissolve the sugar into the golden syrup until it reaches a maple syrup colour - resisting the urge to stir it all the way - then  add the bicarb, stirring vigorously whilst it foams, then pour into a greased tin. It sets within half an hour and you get enough to feed a bad habit for a full day.

It is simple, quick, and remarkably quite fun to make. I will be making this by the bucket load during the bonfire season and I’ll probably be covering it in chocolate too, because let's face it; life's too short not to cover it in chocolate. 

This little beauty is also perfect for those little ghouls and gals that will be knocking on your door over Halloween.Just the right amount of sugar to really make them bounce, but innocent enough looking that the parents won't give you the "yeah, thanks very much." look! 

For now though, it's time to get my cauldron out and start stirring up a batch of these....I'll take them to Ghhhoooooooouuuuullllllllll! 


  1. Mmm love this stuff. Brings back lovely memories too. Will have to see about making some :)


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