Traditions & Bluebells

I've been thinking about traditions recently. Those glorious little moments in time that are invariably and predictably there, right when you need them. The first moments you plan for when their time is looming and the first memories you remember when reminiscing. They are there to be shared and taken solace in. I find sharing my own traditions a funny thing; some traditions I don't mind sharing with people outside of  "the circle of trust" (kudos to anyone who got that), but other traditions I keep possessively hidden from view. 

I love a good tradition, whether it be watching a set list of Christmas films on the run up to the big day, wearing a dirty old t shirt for luck, or even giving a certain friend a certain mug when they pop round for tea. Traditions, to me, are the uncompromising extras to any family. A family without traditions is like a garden with no plants. So it seems only right that Mr M and I are fast collecting our own. 

Places to visit, films to watch, little moments to be repeated. It's reassuring to punctuate your year with little moments of familiarity. It grounds you and gives you a sense of balance....sometimes when you need it the most. 

Bluebell season ended months ago now, nature has made way for bigger and brighter flowers, but these bluebells are special. And they are beautiful. Don't you think they are just beautiful? 

Walking in Bluebells is a new found tradition that has sneaked into my life in the most beautiful way. I shared mine so what about you? 


  1. I only ever see a few bluebells here and there but never a whole field of them.


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