Jam Straws

This is most definitely the easiest recipe you will ever come across in your life. Which makes it the perfect recipe for if you want something quick and easy for visitors, or if you are expected to take something into work. As an added bonus it is super cheap too.

Jam straws are an eclectic combination of jam tarts and cheese straws, and is essentially a way of making something that people turn their noses up at into something they think is a neat little idea. True story. 

Literally all you need is puff pastry, you can buy ready made in every supermarket going (and a few corner shops too), and a jar of jam. Most people have jam/marmalade, right?

I happened to have a ball of left over rough puff pastry sat in the back of my freezer, so I just used that. 

Just take your pre rolled, ready made pastry and unroll it. Smother it with jam/marmalade of your choice. cut it into inch wide strips and cut down the middle of each strip leaving an uncut gap and the top to keep them together. Fold each strip in half so your jam/marmalade is covered, then twist. Pop them into a pre heated oven for about 5 mins. 

Once baked and whilst warm take out of the oven. Wash over with a sugary water solution and, if you're feeling fancy, sprinkle some granulated sugar over them. It makes them look fancy. 

Hey Presto, you're done-o! It's so easy it almost shouldn't be a recipe....more like a how to guide. It's great because you feel like you've baked but with none of the effort or washing up! Hurrah! 


  1. I love jam turnovers and jam tarts, so these look great!


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