Cremyll, Cornwall

Whenever we find ourselves in Plymouth we usually always end up visiting the same favourite places, the sweet spots of a place that the heart calls home, and whilst I could never get bored of these places I feel incredibly obliged to show Mr M the true side of this wonderful place.

There are places for me in Plymouth that visiting feels just like that moment when you first climb into bed after a really cold day; everything is familiar and comfortable, and you feel as though you want to bottle the feeling up to use whenever you need it. These places are full of old memories from my archaic years that are crusty with age and run through my head like an old film,  and from my fresher years that appear with that strange polaroid hybrid of clarity and blur. However, criminally, these spots are the only ones I know and now I'm supposedly a 'grown up' I feel like I need to find more of these places, fresh new exciting ones that I can fill with memories of Mr M and us as we are, and of me as I am now; not as who I was.

With this in mind I suggested a visit to the other side of the Sound and a quick trip into Cornwall. Quite ashamedly, for all of the thousands of times I have stood and gazed past  Drake’s Island at the little pebble beach of Cremyll, I have never actually thought to visit it. The knowledge of a boat journey wouldn't have helped the cause; I usually get insanely seasick. But with a determination to explore it's amazing what you can do, and with a bit of trepidation, we climbed aboard the Edgcumbe Belle and set sail for the far and distant shores of the exotic country; Cornwall*. It took us 5 minutes.   

I'm pretty sure that it is my own perspective on it, but whenever I visit Cornwall I always get this feeling of calm. Everybody seems to be so much more relaxed, it's almost as if there is an invisible barrier between Cornwall and the rest of the UK that can't be penetrated by stress of the 9 to 5ers.......Grockles**, if you will.

I love this. And kind of want one for my house!
 Wandering up the beach was a surreal experience, it was so peaceful and calm yet you look back over the Sound and you are facing the hum of a busy city. We were quite firmly sat behind that barrier and it was so grounding! 

After a little wander down the beach we soon stumbled across a little garden we had never realised was there. 

These are the gardens of Mount Edgcumbe House. 

Filled to the brim with gorgeous flowers, weeping willows, and cheeky little ducks. It was like a sanctuary within a sanctuary. I could honestly have stayed there all day.

We decided to go for a stroll through the grounds and headed away from the beach and the gardens......with two stalkers in tow. 

Walking through the grounds for a few hours was just perfect, it was so calm and peaceful. we barely saw another person throughout the entire time we were there and, sometimes, isn't that just the nicest thing?!

But wait, let me take a selfie!

After a very long walk through some very wet grass - with canvas shoes on - we headed back to catch the ferry back over the Sound. 

I love finding new places, especially when they turn out to be little gems like Cremyll. It is already a firm favourite and we will be revisiting. Probably with a picnic in tow and waterproof shoes! Yay!

*If you didn't already know Cornwall has been battling to be it's own country for centuries. It even has it's own language....although I think there may only be one person left alive who can speak it!

**A Grockle is a Cornish/Devonshire word for tourist. They call caravans Grockle Boxes! 


  1. I have always wanted to go to Cornwall and explore all down that way!

    1. Cornwall is a beautiful place. There are so many places you can get lost and feel like you're abroad. Plus, the people down there are great.....the generations old locals can be completely nuts! I love going to Cornwall!!

      B x


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