Berkeley Bar & Grill, Plymouth

There are times in life that call for very nice and fancy restaurants, you know the ones that serve you a teaspoons worth of mashed potato on a plate so big that you could serve a turkey big enough to feed a family of 24 on and then charge you £75 for it, and then there are times in life when what you really want is a good amount of reasonably priced, decent food. 

Whilst we were in Plymouth we did our usual and planned an evening meal somewhere a bit nicer than the nearest Whetherspoons. After a few umm's and ahh's we happened upon Berkeley Bar & Grill just behind the Hoe. It had everything we wanted; nice starters, good main courses, and 2 for 1 puddings. Sold! 

We decided to start nice and easy and had nachos to share. Mr M braving Sour Cream so I could get the full nacho experience. There isn't much you can really say about's really, really hard to get them wrong. These were pretty good nachos though; there was an addition of spring onions on them, I've never experienced this madness before! It was quite nice actually. 

For mains Mr M opted for Escalope Milanaise stuffed with Parma Ham and a Herb Cream. I have it on good authority that this was a winner, I'll have to believe him on that. I just can't stand the oozing!

I went for full on burger porn. 7oz beef burger. Southern Fried Chicken. Tabasco. Smoked Mozzarella. JalapeƱos. BOOM! 

It was amazing. Slightly hotter than I had anticipated, I'll admit, and I had to take the beef burger out and hand it over to a more than willing Mr M. But still it was amazing. 

This, I am assured, is the correct way to hold a burger.

Despite feeling a little more than full dessert was a must....after all; they were 2 for 1. 

Having just completed a Man v Food-esque heat challenge I was more than prepared to take on a pudding, just maybe not a rich one! I headed for a Peach sundae, healthy ('cos it's peach, right?), light (the cream was whipped), and most importantly cold! 

It was perfect. Exactly what my burning inferno needed to cool off and it wasn't too heavy. 

However. When the dessert that Mr M had ordered arrived I immediately regretted my decision. Just look at it. Look. At. That. Brownie. 

It was the most dense brownie I have ever seen. For a girl who thinks that cake-y brownies should be outlawed this brownie was sheer perfection. You want a close up?

Closer? Go on then! 

It was heavenly. (I stole some.) 

With my dress fit to burst and my mouth finally cooling down Berkeley's definitely gave us the meal hit we were looking for. The food was great, the staff were absolutely lovely, and the atmosphere was that great balance of relaxed yet buzzing. All in all it was the perfect choice for a holiday meal and I would more than recommend it to anyone looking for a decent meal on a reasonable budget. They have loads of different offers on throughout the week, check out their website here

Most importantly: in the battle of Woman Vs Food, on that day Woman won.  


  1. Those burgers and those desserts look so yummy! I'm a firm believer there is always room for dessert :)


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