Monsal Head

Over the weekend I was involved in a conversation in which I was indirectly accused of taking something for granted. That something is where I live.

It is no secret that I have never felt at home living in the East Midlands, the course of events that followed when we made the move as a family resulted in me holding a rather large amount of negativity for the area, something which hasn't changed to this day. However, I am more than aware that the East Midlands is the gateway to the Peak District, one of the most beautiful areas of the country.

I have shown my appreciation for places in the East Midlands before in posts about Chatsworth House, Darely Park, Bakewell, Cromford, and Allestree Park. But I haven't shown it in a while, so I thought I would share with you the jewel of the Peak District crown; Monsal Head.

Monsal Head is a beautiful valley nestled between Bakewell and Buxton. With the river Wye running through the middle of Monsal Dale below a huge viaduct, it's a great place to come and lose yourself walking and taking photos. In summer it is full of families with their dogs and their picnics, and in winter the die hard ramblers take over.

The Monsal Trail runs through the middle taking you through to Narnia a big ol' tunnel.

Mr M and I paid a visit here back before Spring had truly started, when the weather was that awful mix of sunny and occasionally warm, yet also cloudy and Arctic. Shunning my ordinary impracticality I donned the walking shoes only to soon find out that, actually, my impracticality gene was still at force; the walking shoes aren't fully waterproof! The joy of wet feet!

The early spring sun was hanging just low enough in the sky to give off one of my favourite sights of nature: Sun beams (or sunshine rain!). In the right circumstances; simply beautiful. In a big deserted woodland with a Gingerbread cottage looming in the distance; somewhat creepy. 

The water was a bit cold......

The best thing about that time of year is the hope that the upcoming Spring can bring with it. The idea of fresh starts and exciting summers comes in waves mixed with the knowledge that soon enough the weather will be warmer and the longer evenings will make way for more time spent with friends and families in the sun. 

I do enjoy living near the Peak District, it has a beauty to it that some people may never get a chance to appreciate. I do not take any time I spend in the Peak District for granted, because I take the time to spend it. The Peak District to me will always come with a little sense of claustrophobia, but that is sometimes just the way things go. 

What do you think about where you live? 


  1. It looks like a really beautiful place! It's true, when you live in a place, you see it day in day out and it's beauty wears off. I fully admit ot never realising the full beauty of the UK until I was no longer there, or until I started visiting other places. Since travelling to others countries and seeing how beautiful they are, all I can think of now is how much I want to see the beauty of the UK.


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