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I have a little announcement.

I baked macarons (that is not the announcement FYI). I baked Lemon and White Chocolate Macarons, and they were macarons to be proud of.

French macarons are an obsession for me and I can't quite believe that, aside from these little beauties, they have not made their way onto the blog yet! Perhaps I was trying to keep my love for them as my own little secret? Well, it's out now. There's no going back. I LOVE THEM!

*My name is Becki and I am a French Macaron addict.*

I think I was born to love them. Honestly, the first time I set eyes on them it as if they were the baked good that my life had been missing. I may have gone all Marie Antoinette and shouted "LET ME EAT CAKE". *Disclaimer: that isn't historically, literately, or factually accurate.

There is a hotbed of debate over Macarons. Things like; Is it "Macaroon" or "Macaron"? Which version of meringue base do you follow, French or Italian? Do you bang them or do you leave them?

I like to keep it simple and traditional so the answers for me are simple; the French say "Macaron" there for ze are le Macaron, no? (If you did not read that in a French accent then go back and read it properly, Mon Chere!) They are French Macarons, therefore, for sake of authenticity you use the French meringue method. And, yes, you should always bang them.

There is a general fear around the difficulty of baking these, but honestly, they are super easy when you have the hints and tips!

I go nuts over these little lovelies, so it makes sense that they are the first recipe I wrote for my internship at Eat Taste Cook (okay, so that was the announcement).

If you want to have a go at making these gorgeous glamour 'rons of the baking world (and you should!) you can find my recipe here.

Also, go and nosey at the Eat Taste Cook website. It's new! You can find it at


  1. These look amazing!! I would never be able to make them as perfect as these - will stick to purchasing! x

    Jasmin Charlotte


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