Chilli Cheese Scones

There seems to be theme running along side the blog at the moment....predominantly the "everything's so busy at the moment" theme. Despite being certain that life is super duper busy and I can't possibly do any more I can't seem to pinpoint what it is that is making me feel so busy. 

Mr M reckons that it's because we've been busy social bees and that it leaves less time for more menial things, and even less for just chillin'. But I reckon there is some weird time paradox that is stuck on repeat....that or there is someone in charge of time that is stealing mine. Dirty thieves. 

I baked scones. Cheesey, Chilli-y, scone-y scones. The recipe for these little love boats can be found here.

Check. Them. Out. Who doesn't love a dense, carby bite of something traditional?!

I'd love to know if you are a sCONer or a sCONEr! People thinks it doesn't. My preferences are so disappointingly low on the subject matter that I actually end up calling them whatever the nearest person to me calls them. I am a politically correct sCONe/sCONEr. 

Anyway, what was I going to say......nah, it scone! 


  1. I've actually never had a savoury scone for some reason... I should try a cheese one at least!

    1. They are the only ones I eat really....unless there's chocolate involved then all is fair in love and war right?!

      B x


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