Elephants & Stripes

One of the best things about the British weather is the level of appreciation people have for it when the sun decides to shine. So rare and unpredictable though she is, the British sunshine is rumoured to be the reason British Strawberries taste so damned fine*. When something so glorious as the British sun shining occurs only good things can come with it.

*This may well not be a real rumour. I couldn't possibly comment. No further questions. No comment. Finito. 

I love the positivity that comes with the sun. I love the ripples of laughter that float through the air from the gardens and parks filled with families and friends indulging in BBQ's or picnics. It gives the world an air of delirium that somehow everyone shares.

I always seem to feel like taking more risks when it's warm. Not always big risks, mostly little ones like turning down an unexplored path or trying a new flavour of ice cream, but risks nonetheless. Risks that leave me feeling that little bit more alive, ones that take me out of my vanilla flavoured comfort zone - even if only for a minute. 

There is always an element of risk that people seem to take when dressing in summer. Understandably, us Brits can be a bit nervous about dressing for the sunshine. So unused to it we are that when it comes around there is suddenly an element of apprehension about boundaries. I like to stay firmly in clothing boundaries. Boring though it may be the last thing I want is to feel uncomfortable in warm weather. 

For anyone interested: The Animal Top (currently on Sale!) and The T K Maxx Skirt (similar here - I find can't the skirt I'm wearing online!) 

Luckily Elephants and Stripes leave me feeling comfortable......even if the Elephant needs to be reigned in a bit at the back. Tying knots in a hankie is supposed to help you to remember and they do say that Elephants never forget!

So go on; what are your Elephants and Stripes? 


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