The Nothing Days

They say that the world moves at a thousand miles an hour. They say that if you stop moving forwards for just one second then you will be left five paces behind society. They say that if you stop you just get left behind. The thing is; we all need to stop. We all need that moment in time just to have a rest and take a breath, and anyway; who are"they"?

One of the things that I love about life is the speed of it. It gives everything an edge, it gives it the thrill of excitement, and it pushes us to move forwards. However, life's speed is also one of the things I hate the most. Sometimes we all get those moments when we want to scream "Stop the world; I want to get off!". It's these moments when everything can start to be overwhelming and if we don't stop to smell the roses then the world can seem like a very dark place. It is when the "I want to get off" moments occur that we need to take stock and come to a full grinding halt to take the time to appreciate our own worlds in all of it's glorious stillness. It's time for a Day of Nothing.

Your day of Nothing can be anything; it can start with a lie in, breakfast turning to brunch then turning to lunch just as quickly. It can mean pyjamas and onesies. Fast food or home bakeing. It can be a day of cake and coffee, or a day of tomato soup and cheese toasties. It's not important what you do, it's important what you don't do. Giving your self space to breathe is the same as giving yourself space realise you are content. 

It's giving yourself chance to relish a walk in the sunshine (Look! Britain!!) 

It's having the confidence to go out wearing a man's t shirt just because it's comfy and you don't want to change.

A Nothing Day is a day to be silly and doff your hat to the child inside.

It's the day to take a leisurely meander into a fictional world and settling down there amongst the tents and dwellings of the fiction. 

It's about eating what makes your stomach's smile reach your face and drawing the hungry sparkle from your eyes. 

A Nothing Day is about remembering the important things. It's about remembering that it is your life you are living, you can be the Monarch to your own palace, squidgy sofa and all. It's about getting back to your core self and allowing a sigh of relief.

Please remember to have a Nothing Day every so often. Oh! And tell me about your Nothing Days, for those are the best days for you to be truer than true. 


  1. Nothing days are my absolute favourites - I think I'm due one soon! I like to brunch at around 11am, and then read guiltlessly for a few hours - accompanied by lots and lots of tea. Then I'm PJ-clad and devote myself to many episodes of Big Bang or some other trashy tv.

    Every day should be A Nothing Day, I think!

    Jess | Gingerly Pale | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I love a good Brunch!!

      I totally agree....everyday should be a Nothing Day!

      B x

  2. I'm a firm believer in Nothing Days! I had one on Monday where I spent the whole day in my pjs. To the extent that I drove the visit my Grandma spontaneously but still in my pjs. I spent the afternoon scoffing cheese and bacon toasties and chatting with her.
    Love those kind of days. It does feel great not to have to think about everything.
    Kate xx

    1. PJ's, Grandma's and bacon make for the best Nothing Days!

      B x

  3. I have had SO many nothing days since being home from uni for a few weeks.. there's nothing like settling down with a magazine and a cup of tea in your pyjamas!! Means I get to catch up with the family as well (:
    Love the photos!

  4. We all need these days from time to time. The world can wait a little for us.
    You can't do everything today, something has to be left until tomorrow or even the next week. As long as you are happy in your life that's all that matters.
    I should listen to be head more when it tells me I need a do nothing day, I always leave it too late and it turns into a do nothing week/month.


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