The Majestic, Harrogate

If you have read my post about Betty's Tearooms then you'll now that I was recently paying a visit to Harrogate. As a Christmas present Mr M and I were treat to a night at The Majestic in Harrogate.

I don't remember ever having been to Harrogate before so I was excited to have a nosey around!

When we go there it was doing noting but rain.....and when I say rain I mean it was torrential. Luckily, we could check into the hotel straight away.

We decided to see if the rain would slow up and headed off to check out our room.

The room we had was a Premium Double and it was amazing! The bed was huge!

So was the sofa!

The Majestic is part of the Puma Hotels Collection, so it is a chain hotel. Which you can tell with the room decor. That being said, whilst it was a chain the room had a book in it telling you the history of the building and of Harrogate. A nice touch I thought!

 Anyway, once we were acquainted with the room we decided to venture around the hotel a bit.

The hotel was lovely. There was a fire in the hotel 3 or so years ago so it has had a face lift, but they have kept it all in keeping with the history of the hotel.

We were very impressed with the hotel itself. It was clean and modern yet kept it's old character.

The rain didn't really subside and the wind had picked up so the chance for brolly use was non-existent. As a result we ventured out of the hotel for some lunch (post to follow!) and then came back to sit in the comfort of our lovely hotel room and waited for the second part of our Christmas present.....the evening dinner.

However, I did not want to blog about the dinner. I don't want to go into the ins and outs of it but to give you a picture the starter arrived two minutes after we ordered it and mine was supposed to be hot. For a Four Star hotel the evening meal was incredibly disappointing and was not up to the standard it should have been at all.

The following morning we woke up to this view:

It was an open invitation for white jeans and boots. We breakfast'd, grabbed our coats - and the brolly - and broke out into Harrogate.

After a little wander and a visit to Betty's we summed up that Harrogate wasn't what we had expected it to be. It was nice but that was it. Nice.

But, the trip was worthwhile if only for Betty's and this:


H is my particular favourite!!

The rain soon started again cutting our wander a bit short but not without stopping for some photos with the best brolly I have ever owned!

"Wait, is it still raining?"


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time (apart from dinner) - I've only been to Harrogate a couple of times, and that was for one of the crafty stitching shows so only really saw the exhibition hall! Would love to go back for a proper visit.

    1. I think we might go back with the weather is better and we can actually look at where we are walking rather than getting slapped in the face with ice cold rain! :)

      B x


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