Heavenly Jake's, Harrogate

Before I start this post I want to state that the day before visiting Harrogate I was very ill. Food was not my friend. I also want to say that by the time my little (not so little size 7's) wet feet reached this little slice of heaven I had been drenched, blown about and generally manhandled by the weather. I was not feeling great and I was grumpy.

Anyway, as mentioned in Tuesday's post, when we reached Harrogate it was raining. We were hungry. We decided that a quick walk into Harrogate was in order, and anyway, we wouldn't get that wet, right? Wrong.

After spending ages wandering around barely being able to look up (Harrogate has got very boring and very wet pavements) as the ice cold wind flung rain in our faces and tore down any attempt at blocking it with a brolly, trying to find somewhere for a little lunchtime bite that wouldn't require a remortgage we were ready to give up when Mr M dragged me over to a little steamy place with a big red sign outside saying "Jake's". At the time I'm sure there was a soft light and angels singing in the background.

We made our way in and got seated in what I would consider the best seats in the house.

We were in the perfect people watching chairs and opposite the big table of cakes!

It all looked amazing. I however played it safe with toast (Wahhooo, rock and roll!) whilst Mr M opted for a meat board followed by Tiffin cake.
The food was lovely. I am assured the pudding was perfection. The place had a very relaxed feel to it and the staff were absolutely lovely.
The decor was fabulous and if I could have gotten away with it I would have stolen the chairs......

Jake's looks very small from the outside but it does go back a fair old way. Whilst we were there it was constantly full of people and they were asking people to wait....something I think they didn't mind seeing as it got them out of the rain!

If you are ever in Harrogate then give this place a visit! The food was lovely, the staff were great, the atmosphere was amazing and the desserts left me drooling despite feeling ill!
It was the perfect haven and we will be going back if we ever visit Harrogate again.


  1. those cakes all look amazing, its a shame you weren't feeling great :( x

    1. They do, don't they? Oi Vey, what can I say? There are plenty more cakes in the....sea......ew. Soggy cake.


      B x


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