We're All Mad Here (To York!)

For the first meet up of 2014 with Mr M's Family (my In-Laws.....I have In-Laws now!) we decided that we would meet up in York. It had been a while since either Mr M or I had been to York, the last time I visited York multicoloured reversible bomber jackets were the height of fashion, so jumped at the chance to go and have a nosey at a city I had little memory of!

Naww....a cute topiary dog........

.....ok, so not so cute!

I have a little bit of a soft spot for cities with a lot of history and I absolutely loved wandering through York with all of it's beautiful buildings. A city is not a city without a bit of character and York has a lot of that!

There is a great mix of independent and high street stores in York. It is definitely a good shopping experience. But if you're not too bothered about shops then there are plenty of Haunted House tours, Ghost Walks, Walking Tours and Museums you can visit instead. Perfect for bored partners!

Of course you can't visit York and not at least walk past the Minister.

I just love the eclectic mix you get from York. There is character everywhere. And how often can you say that you went shopping and walked passed a giant puddle of green ghost goop?!

But, there was one place that really did catch my eye.

If you walk past the Minister and follow the corner you end up on Blake Street. The first thing you will notice is the bubbles just floating by. The next thing you will notice is the golden carousel horse in the window of a shop called The Imaginarium. The bubbles come from The Yorkshire Soap Co. next door. I believe that The Imaginarium is the sister company of The Yorkshire Soap Co. So they really have their own little slice of York!

Anyway, The Imaginarium is the most beautiful shop I have ever been in. The shop is designed so incredibly well and it is just breathtaking. The shelves are in fact end tables that have been sawn in half, there are books acting as shelves. Giant white sparkly spiders cling to the ceiling (I am no fan of spiders but these were just stunning). The whole place has been so well designed it really is jaw dropping. The staff are so incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and welcoming.

Unfortunately there is a sign as soon as you walk through the door asking you not to take photos, but fortunately they have their own photos on the website. I have to say though, in all honesty, the photos on there do not do it justice.

The things they sell are amazing. They have the most beautiful Initialled teacups I have ever seen. Unfortunately the website is fairly new and the Shop page isn't up and running yet so I can't link directly to any products. I can however link you to their Facebook page which has photos of some of the things they sell! Yay!

The best things I saw in The Imaginarium by far were the Ruby Ruth Dolls. These little lovelies are the creations of a UK Media Artist called Jenny. Jenny worked with Damien Hirst in her years of work. Each of the  Dolls has their own name and story. My favourite was a little lady called Daisy, who has no regrets. Unfortunately I have regrets because I left without her.

If you go to York do not leave without visiting here! I promise you that you will leave in awe. Next time I go to York I will be going back.

More of York to follow!


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