The Month of Monday

I love winter. It is my absolute favourite time of year. Winter means Christmas, it means thick woolly jumpers, hats, long walks in the frost, rosey cheeks and rosey noses. It means log fires, thick socks, blankets, keep warm cuddles, pies, stews, mashed potato! It brings blow out hot chocolate with marshmallows, cream, sprinkles and a cheeky shot of alcohol. Winter means scarves. I love scarves.....literally love scarves. Best. Winter. Clothing. EVER.

Anyway......moving on.

The only downside to winter is the people! People really don't like winter...I understand; it's cold, everything is grey, everyone is miserable.....

One of the biggest things that bugs me about the miserable people of winter is that they seem to think that clothes have to be dark in winter (these also tend to be the people that say "Red and Green should never be seen"). But this is January, people! The blue monday of months! If there is any time of year for colour it is now! And, as far as that Red and Green rule goes? I raise you Christmas and Tartan. Boom.  

Goodbye rule book!

Unfortunatly, most of my outfit is old so I can only give you links to alternatives:

Joules Jersey, £24.95 at John Lewis or Dead Boots, £95 Exclusive at Schuh

The Jeans are new, however they were on sale and I can't find them on the website (From Animal £9 reduced from £45....Bargin!), so here's a stunning alternative:

Mango Jeans, On sale on ASOS for £12.00

Fortunately I can link you to the scarf and earrings! YAY!

Lamb Wool Scarf, £12 or 2 for £20 at The Edingburgh Woollen Mill

You can find the earrings here.

Date: 01.01.2014


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