La Vecchia Scuola

Mr M's family know a great Italian Restaurant in the middle of York, La Vecchia Scuola, so after a short Park and Ride journey our first stop was lunch. I would definitely recommend Park and Ride because parking in York is a small fortune.

La Vecchia Scuola is based in the beautiful old York College for Girls building. You can definitely tell that they are proud of the building and it's history! 

We were given a table in the conservatory at the back of the building which looked out onto a beautiful garden, in which they were growing Olive Trees!

I love Italian food. It is without a doubt the best food in the world as far as I'm concerned! I was more than excited for lunch so the event called for proper Lemonade.

For the first time in my life I sat staring at the menu thinking "Can I just have one of everything?" I have never been to a restaurant where the menu just suited me perfectly. It was quite nice!

I decided on a meal of year, new experiences, right? So first up was Antipasto spledini. Italian Meats, Mozzarella, Olives, Sun ripened tomato with a Crostini and my first taste of Anchovies.....which were not bad!

I then opted for Calzone di Salsiccia. Mozzarella. Italian Sausage. Vegetables. Chirizo. Rocket. Ooof! I have never had a Calzone before and have always been told it's like a pizza folded in half........people who say this are liars. It is without a doubt more like an Italian style pasty. And it was HUGE.

Look at that bad boy. Sitting there being all Italian and cheesy. Admit it, you want a close up don't you?


For pudding I opted for Banoffee Pie. In all my years on this earth I had never had Banoffee Pie.

It was worth the wait. Although....the base put up a fight and I ended up pinging a missive chunk of Banoffe across the table! So long white T shirt!! Let's face it though there are worse things to be covered in.

Once we'd had our fill of Italian we had a coffee and hoped that an afternoon of walking would at least work a little bit of it off. It was a beautiful meal, in a beautiful place. The staff were brilliant. I would honestly recommend paying a visit if you ever find yourself in York.

If you were wondering, the walk did not work it off, I was still full the following day! Although looking back at all the photos has made me hungry again.....pants.


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