Dear You.

A new year. A new moon. A fresh start. 2014.

With the obvious aside 2013 was a very testing year at M HQ. I know a lot of hurt went into last year for a lot of close family and friends of M HQ, as well as at M HQ itself, so this is to you.


Dear You,

For one moment look back at last year, just for a moment.

Whether it was good or not, it's history. It's your history. Own it. Be proud of the moments you should be and learn from the ones you aren't so proud of. It's in the past now and nothing can go back and alter those moments, the only thing you can do is stop them holding you back. Make sure your past doesn't cloud your present or damage your future. Leave 2013 in 2013.

This year has started with a new moon. The last time this happened was 19 years ago. It's a golden opportunity to take stock of yourself and move on; take it.

Think of yourself this time last year, think of the moments that you struggled with, think of how you dealt with them. Sometimes you let things you should be proud of pass you by. You shouldn't. You deserve them.

There may be something you can't change? Something bigger, out of your control? Stop trying to control it. The only thing you can control is how you let yourself deal with it.

2014 will be what you make it. Make it bigger and better that last year. Make it your year. Live this year. Get soaked by the rain until you feel like your skin isn't waterproof anymore, lay down in the grass and get grass stains on your clothes, jump in puddles, be ridiculously overdressed, listen to music so loud you think your eardrums will burst, sing along! Dream about your future. Whatever you do you, whenever you do it make sure you enjoy it. Make time for yourself and the people you care about. Make decisions, be confident in them, and learn about yourself.

Don't worry too much about last year; it was only a year. Just one short chapter of your book. Title it "The year of lessons" and move on.

This year will be better.....I mean come on; it's an even number, and who doesn' like those?!

Dream big, kid.

B x


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