The Explanation

So I mentioned before that I would be Away From Blog for a few weeks a while ago....well I'm back!

I know it wasn't a few weeks.....more like a month but forgive me; I have an explanation!

Fanfare, please...............................

Ba bada baaaahhhh! (Fanfare)

I have been away to become Mrs M! I won't bore you with the dirty details but Mr M liked it so he put a ring on it!

We then swanned off to Kenya for our Honeymoon.

Things have been hectic with that and then coming home straight into Christmas so I'm only just finding time to post.

I will be following up with a post about Kenya and I may do a Wedding Tips post......but then I might not, there are a lot of wedding tip posts out there!

I have tried to avoid cliches however I fear this one is unavoidable: It's true what they say, it really is the best day of your life.

Hopefully M HQ will start getting back to normal.....(or as close to normal as it can be).......very soon! However, I am currently suffering with The Ill so for the time being it will be hot honey and lemon, duvets, and trashy telly!

It's good to be back!


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