Argan Oil

I am not one for obsessing over beauty products. I’ll find one that works and I will stick to it until I accidentally fall over something that may challenge it. However recently there seems to have been an increase in the advertising of Argon Oil. Well, I say that but it may just be me paying attention for a change!
As a swimmer my hair gets annihilated by chlorine twice a week. Bless it, it’s adapted quite well to it so doesn’t seem to get too bad but recently I had noticed that it was starting to look a little less L’Oreal and a little more Shampoochie. It was drying out quicker than a sunbather in Hawaii. It was starting to get desperate.
I had noticed these tubs of Argon Oil everywhere, and had even spotted a Groupon deal for some. I had started to think about getting some when I fell over it in Home Bargains for an absolute steal. So I bought it. I tried it. I love it!

 Usually when your hair needs a spruce I would recommend Coconut Oil; it works a treat and leaves your hair smelling like a day in the Bahamas….but you have to leave it on for 2+ hours, wrapped in a shower cap to keep it warm. Attractive. People rarely have the time to sit in the house for 2 hours waiting for fabulous hair. So if I told you Argon Oil should be left on for 10 minutes at the most, leaves your hair conditioned and light, and smelling…….well not quite like the Bahamas but definitely like a trip to the hairdressers…I’m guessing you’d go for that!

My hair is quite thick and heavy so I don’t know how it would work for light, thin hair……it make it a bit flyaway. But I absolutely love it! It’s great for quick use on a busy weekday and leaves your hair so much healthier. Don’t get me wrong I will still be donning that shower cap and dreaming of the Bahamas but maybe only on weekends!


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